Amazing Lindsey Stirling…

I was going through my old posts and feeling proud πŸ™‚ And then I saw this gem I posted as the fourth (I think) post ever.

If you haven’t heard about Lindsey Stirling, well… Now you have. πŸ˜€

I had a phase of listening to her amazing music almost every day on my mobile phone. I remembered those times of just losing myself in the sound of violin…

Ivy Mosquito | Liberating My Creative Soul

As I already said I’m going to post all kind of content here. πŸ™‚ Basically everything AND everyone who inspire me… And this incredible young lady is most definitely inspiring, I love listening to her music, I highly recommend her YouTube channel. πŸ™‚

Soon to come on the blog are DIY paintings for living room and DIY table, Can’t decide which I’m gonna post first. πŸ˜‰

Have a nice day, love ya.

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3 thoughts on “Amazing Lindsey Stirling…

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  2. Lovely music Ivy πŸ˜€

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