When you feel low, when you feel beaten down too many times, when you feel like you’re stuck in a same moment of your life and nothing is moving your way… Remember. You are the universe. You are star dust. You are made of same matter stars are made of, every element in universe is scripted in your skin, bones and organs. Every thought that sparks through your brain is a miracle.


There are people in this word who say things like this:

“Stars are dead when you look at them. They are so far away that when their light reaches Earth and you they are gone.”


And then there are people who say things like this:

“When light of a star reaches my sight and I can see her trembling light, it is alive. The light is alive and it has traveled all this way for me to see it. Me. And that light will because of me seeing it be alive in my memories, my heart and my soul. The star is more alive now than before when no one could see her in the darkness of universe.”

I tend to be and listen more to the other kind of people. You know why? Because I was listening to the first kind for too long, and after a while they have nothing new to say and their thoughts don’t lead anywhere.

Only Sixteen

While I was growing up, being told that you are “childish” was an insult in my family. So I was doing my best to grow up as soon as possible, to prove that I am all grown up and not a child in any way. Achieve, don’t feel.

I was sixteen when I was diagnosed with a health disorder. I won’t say what is it, but it isn’t eating one.

I was sixteen when my life broke into pieces. When everything I knew, was no longer.

I was sixteen when I felt completely confused and extremely scared.

I didn’t know… what now?

I didn’t realise that the medical confirmation was not made that day, but days and days before.


That the things I’ve gone through and the life I was living could not be healthy.

I wanted to be “normal” so bad when I was sixteen. But we all do.

I was sixteen and feeling sad.

I was sixteen and though that my life has gone into wrong direction. That it “was not supposed to be like this”.

I was sixteen when I asked for the first time: “Why me, God?”

Little did I know that life does not discriminate.


Sixteen was ten years ago.

A lot has changed.

Love has come.

To stay.

And kick out the fears away.

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Proof that cats are only putting a disguise in front of humans!

Hahahahahaha, this video never fails to make me laugh. 😀

I bring to you the description below the video:

“There is a suspicion that cats and dogs are only putting an act on for the humans, proof of this has been a long time coming, However this remarkable video catches a cat barking like a dog, until he realizes he is being watched by a human. I expect that we will soon see cats walking on two legs, operating a can opener, and dogs reading the paper. They are just playing with us people!”