I must educate you! ☺

In my post about being sixteen it has come to my attention (oh, so important) that many of you don’t know how to use emoticons on WordPress. In this case – heart. Well! That is a big problem and wait no more, I am here to save you… 😉

You see, I knew how to do that.

“Yeah, but that’s easy” – you say?



How about this! 🐱

Yes! It is a CAT!

And I thought to myself…. “Iva…you can’t hold on to this knowledge by yourself, you have to show people!

Because, every one of you has to know how to make a ⭐ and a ❤


🙂 :)
😉 ;)
😀 :D
>:D >:D
😦 :(
😥 :'(
😐 :|
:/ :/
😮 :o
😛 :P
😡 >:(
o_O o_O
😎 8-)
^^’ ^^'
😕 :?
🐱 =^-^=
👿 :evil:
😈 :twisted:
:mrgreen: :mrgreen:
😳 :oops:
🙄 :roll:
💡 :idea:
🐻 :bear:


Author: ivyon

Hello! I have a blog on address ivymosquito.wordpress.com so feel free to check it out ;)

35 thoughts on “I must educate you! ☺”

  1. What fun….thanks for the information. Great to have such a knowledgeable blogger on board! thanks for the visit. Do return again soon and often! Big smiles. . . . . . .8-)

      1. I have been to Croatia….I adore Dubrovnik and also really enjoyed Split! Where do you live? I live in New York State in the US about 3 hours from New York City. My blog is mostly about India. It was a wonderful adventure! Have you traveled much? Your English is wonderful!

      2. Thank you, but we connected before and strongly disagree. 🙂 We have very little common ground since she does not live here and her views are completely opossite than mine 😕

      1. Brilliant! I have learned loads from you already, and been inspired, cheered up and helped. You are a star! xxx

  2. This is very helpful. I didn’t know WordPress had so many emoticons. I don’t think I can remember them all though. Now I can make a ⭐ !!! Which is your favourite emoticon of these? Mine is 🙂

    1. They didn’t, but they made a new one and I loved that because I love using emoticons when I wrote, I am very expressive when I talk so that part is missing when there are only letters 😀 So they make up for it hehehe. My favorite is 😎

    1. Thank you Ralphy ❤ 😀 I have seen your post about finding a soulmate or something close, it is so cute and I hope you do! It left me smiling and going Awwwww, really awesome. 🙂 Happy Easter Ralph!

      1. Still no bites yet. Though, against my better judgement, I have just joined a local online dating thingy. Pray for me !! 😀

    1. Yeah I was very excited when they made them, you have a link I posted in comments when that was, but even I didn’t know the cat and most of those on the down side. Now I will have access to them muahahahaha 😈

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