It works!! Revolutionary!

I’m expecting a lot of comments. 😉

Just watch.


Author: ivyon

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9 thoughts on “It works!! Revolutionary!”

  1. See, this is why a lot of psychologists are thought of as charlatans. It’s not that they’re smart, it’s that the people they “treat” are often quite dumb. Like all of those women.

    “It stops working after twelve hours.”

    Pfffft! Are you telling me NONE of them thought to ask what was in it? Absurd.

    1. Heeey, what’s up? 🙂

      Yeah my guess is that the whole thing is staged – I mean, who wouldn’t suspect anything AND they are being filmed FOR Dove – known for this type of things… But the message is great.
      I think it is very difficult to be psychologist and psychiatrist bc every person is different and needs different approach and they have to do it in an hour, and just by talking to a person for a while and previous experience they make a judgement about people health. I would NOT want to be in their skin…

  2. Very interesting. The beauty patch shows how the beauty industry works. We’re made to believe that applying this or that cream or lotion will make you more beautiful, but really it’s the act of investing something in yourself that makes you feel better. If it works in that it boosts self-confidence, fair enough.
    However, the lotions and potions are sold to us on the basis that as women (and increasingly men) we have flaws that need correcting, so although the application of a cream will help us feel better, the constant pointing out of flaws undermines our self-worth.
    Dove are as guilty as anyone too. Since when did we need silly smooth, moisturised armpits? It wasn’t anything I was worried about until Dove came along talking about the need for 1/3 moisturising cream.
    But the film has a good heart. It’s a bit scary at how easily we buy into the hype, but we do need to realise we don’t have to be perfect to feel good about ourselves.
    Thanks for sharing. X

    1. You are welcome, I really enjoyed your comment. I agree. “Beauty” industry from cosmetics to magazines works because of us who buy it… I was happy that moment they realise it is them, not some silly patch who made them think more of themselves. That proves that it is us.

      We by believing in ourselves, loving and accepting ourselves boost out confidence and improve our life like nothing else can do. Why do we fail at this task then? It is a real question, myself included. Why it is easier for us to believe that a beauty patch is improving our self-esteem and not we?

      Also, I agree on Dove. The message is good, that is why I shared it. But the truth is, they are part of the industry and probably colecting points from their campaigne about real beauty. But if they are going to raise awareness about this kind of mindset we have and its negative result, then awesome. 🙂

  3. I have to tell you that I knew after the first minute or so that this was a placebo effect. With all of the media portraying barby doll appearances as the only way a woman can feel beautiful our self image has been skewed. I know this sounds cliche but beauty really does come from within. Great post Ivy.

    1. Me too, I had the feeling. But I was still very pleased when they turned the patch around and it said “nothing”. 🙂

      It is all inside. The way we think of ourselves and the way we build (or crush) our self-esteem. It is others who can say or do nasty stuff, but in the end, they are powerless withouth us letting them get inside our mind. So, yeah… I like the message. And I think it is true for most of beauty products. Just wear what you want, dress how you like and accept yourself. The thing we forget. I am guilty of the last also. I hope.. No! I know that with time that will change and is already changing. 🙂

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