Free your mind and the rest will follow!

I have this song stuck in my head for a few days now…

Daily Prompt asks me: What is your most prized possession?

I get attached to a lot of small stuff and have a shell of memories which don’t mean anything to anyone but me… But this topic reminded me on something else.

I say, freedom! Not just physical freedom, more of that, mental freedom. Freedom to do how I feel, something I am just discovering after years and years in mental prison.


Author: ivyon

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21 thoughts on “Free your mind and the rest will follow!”

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  2. This song just took me back a few, er, weeks. πŸ™‚ I too held on to memories of things gone and of things past.

    “Memories are films about ghosts.”

    One day I realized that the mere existence of that memory is what made me; the who and the what. That memory’s fingerprint was stuck on my being for eternity – or at least until I die. No matter if I unpack it every few weeks or never again it was part of my being. My essence.

    Free your mind….. the rest will.

    1. You should have clicked “follow” in the end for the dramatic ending. πŸ˜‰

      Yes, I get you… I too feel the same, and although I face challenges I don’t want to trade with anyone else.

      1. Hahaha… I already see that we are going to get along. Same humour sense. But…can I tell you…I never watched Sopranos? ❓

        In my defense… I have none.

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