Starting off May with awards and randomness


It has been raining/cloudy for a few days and it feels so good. I love the rain…thunder… I love it. I love sunny wheather also, but I am so much more in a mood for rainy days, so me and nature are in sync.


Awards. Thank you for complimenting my blogging this way. 🙂

I have been thinking about nomination this time away from computer. So, it’s extra special.

Thank you Arlene from Ari’s World for this Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award and another Dragon Loyalty Award. It got me thinking and I was left blessed. You will know why soon. I have met seven amaziiiiiiing women here who have been there for me in one way or another, and continue to be there for me even though they know me only through blogging… Their support means a lot to me. ❤



(Please don’t feel offended if you aren’t on the list, I was limited with seven.)

They are in no particular order:


These are among others, my sisters in the WP family ❤ I am very grateful for connecting with them.

I have got another award from Cee Lee from Swim in the Adult Pool, The Lovely Blog Award. Since I have already got it, I thought about giving it to the few of my latest follows who have really amazed me.

They are:

peacefulblessedstar from peacefulblessedstar
tamtam012013 from Perhaps yes, perhaps no. Exactly? I don’t know.
dorothychiotti from Musings of a Horse Mum
Shayne from The Book of Shayne
Neha from forgottenmeadows


And… seven random facts about myself, me and I… 🙂

1.    My nails are perfect. Seriously. My fingernails are beautiful, they don’t break, chip and they are au naturel. I have a photo for non believers. 😉 I also don’t let anyone near them, that means I have never had a manicure, I hate someone messing with my nails. I manicure them myself and I do it magnificently!

2.    I was born with one eye closed, it didn’t open for three days and doctors were like “Whaaaaaaaaa…t?” I imagine. They thought I would have a lot of problems but although I have to wear glasses, the difference between my eyes is very small in term of diopter.

3.    I was a straight A student (we have 1-5 here) up until college. He he

4.    I hate, hate horror movies. There is NOTHING enjoyable in them for me.

5.    I’m allergic to silver. So, its gold or no sold. XD
6.    My real name is Iva, but I know you are not pronouncing it right so I go by my nickname Ivy
7.    If you ever wondered why it says Ivyon when I comment – wonder no more! It is because Ivy is on-line when she is commenting. See! And you thought it was French.


46 thoughts on “Starting off May with awards and randomness

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  2. Huge hugs. You deserve awards because you reach out to people, touch their lives, their hearts…you make time somehow. Thank you, I am deeply moved, by this, and your presence in my life. Huge hugs

  3. hah i love the facts about you and your lucky re nails and wow allergic to silver that is unfortunate 😦 congrats on the awards i still have mine to sort out from you 🙂 xx huggles x

    1. Yay you did not forget 😉 I am allergic to silver and as I was thinking about seven random stuff and writing it down on my mobile phone I remembered that and my bf goes: That is good to know. 😀 So he didn’t know either 🙂

  4. I used to hate horror movies, then I got asked to the movies by a guy (many years ago) to see Blair Witch because he wanted to see it. So I got there and bought my ticket and he never showed, I decided to be an empowered woman and see it anyway and laughed all through it.
    Once a friend of mine brought over Eyes Wide Shut to watch on DVD, so bad! I which I had kept my eyes shut through it. After half an hour we muted it, cracked a bottle of wine and invented our own dialogue… Hilarious! Best movie ever hahaha.
    Also, when I was little… I was terrified of ET. My brothers still torture me for it 🙂

    1. Hahahaha, this comment is awesome.. Actually, every comment under this post made me smile or laugh… 😀

      Yeah, some movie are best muted xd.. And you reminded me when we used to do it, my sis and I, mostly on spanish soap operas 😀

  5. Thanks for nominating my blog “Musings of a Horse Mom” for “The Lovely Blog” award. I am honoured that you should think of it in this way. 🙂 … Congratulations on your numerous nominations. Well deserved. Nurture what you love … Dorothy 🙂

  6. alienorajt

    Congratulations, Ivy – your posts bring much sunshine and honesty into people’s lives; you deserve to be awarded and rewarded loads! And thanks for nominating me; I shall post my piece soonest. xxx

    1. This was so beautiful to read when I haven’t even get a chance to brush my hair this morning. 🙂 ❤
      It is what I'm striving for and reading that I acchieve that in some way is very much encouraging, thank you!

  7. Hi Ivy! I am envious of your perfect nails …hehe 😉 I have okay nails though and they are my own. I can only grow them so long and then they break. I don’t like horror movie either and hated saw. I don’t think I even made it through the first one. I do love thrillers and suspense movies. I love the picture of the rain …it is soothing to me. Thanks for participating, I enjoyed reading your answers. 🙂

    1. Thank you for choosing me 🙂 I feel honored for getting awards and entusiastic to pass them and positivity further…
      Hahaha, I see you have read the comments. Yeah… A good thriller is worth of ten horror movies in my opinion 😉 Thanks for the nails I really do take them for granted. And when I mean they don’t break, I mean they will break but only by frikin removing my entire nail if I accidentally get myself in some kind of situation (like tying something – proven) or they chip in the very bottom when I also pay no attention whatsoever. I’m glad you liked the post 🙂

  8. Aw! I am touched thank you 🙂
    Also, I have nail envy. I broke like 2 nails today! And they’re always chippin lol
    As for Horror films- agreed, I will never understand why people pay money to have the living daylights scared out of them. Essentially, they are paying for insomnia and that’s just silly.

    1. Hahahaha you made me laugh with horrors… I don’t get it, I just don’t get it! Why? Why? My sis payed for all of the SAW movies and watched them in theater. I don’t know if I should be impressed or scared because we sleap in the same house and SAW movies are basically torture.
      So, nope. Not a fan.
      Once we all were watching the REC movie I think, spanish version. And this creeping girl demon (it always has to be a child) was walking on her hands on the ceiling. !!! I mean… It is just tntntntntnt BAAAH scary. Thrillers on the other hand…I find them fascinating and often can’t resist to a good thriller. Insomnia or not.

      Thanks for the nail thing, I remembered it because I get complimented a lot for them, usually we don’t pay attention on what is awesome with us, but what is wrong. So, yeah, I do my nails for one reason – they get to big and I don’t want to be in a Guinness record book XD

      1. It is always children! Even worse, they always use nursery rhymes sung in a creepy voice! I can’t hum a nursery rhyme anymore without lookin over my back in paranioa lol x

      2. Exactly! The silly little child song and a child staring is the most creepiest thing ever! I have found a way to avoid being scared because I am so friking curious and I wanted to see the ending of a horror movie with Buffy girl in it (Japan movie) and I turned off the sound. Perfect. Now I do that with trailers or anything I watch horror-ish. Sound off, 80% of the scary factor gone.

      3. Oh I am like that too. I do it with any video O get sent incase there is screaming at the end. For added measure I squint so that everything I see is blurry and therefore is not as scary seeing as I can’t really see it. Ok I can’t believe I just told you (and whoever else is reading) that lol x

      4. Hahahahaha that is sooo true! I squint too! And I am so happy I got to understand the word from context because it was sounding to me like something dirty 😀 Porno dirty. I just went parental advisory on my blog.

    1. So kind of you to think and write this down 🙂
      Yeah, I’m not strict with the rules, I do this for myself and to thank others for recognising my effort and liking my content… And so I pass that further.. Go slow. Rest a lot. Hugs

  9. It has been nothing but hot here in Southern California. It’s been in the 80s and 90s. Today, slightly humid.

    How do you pronounce Iva? (Eva with a looooooong “E”?)

    1. Yes you got it, like Eva Longoria but with slightly longer E 🙂 Congratz.

      I thought about 80s – years… Are those Fahrenheits? WHY can’t you use Celsious like the rest of the world? 😛

      1. Well that put a biiig smile on my face. First of, for the joke, obviously. But second, you couldn’t make that joke if you were the “collective” 😉
        I converted, that is pretty hot.. It is around 15, 20 here. Still a spring very much

      2. The first sentence is exactly what we got today. You should be a weather reporter 🙂
        I believe that… I was so frustrated this winter, normally, we get our fair share of snow, but this time – one time. One! And eeeeverywhere else people were going, “Stop with the snow already.” Man. It sucked.

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