A whole neeeeew page….

A whole neeeeew page....

You have blessed me with so many awards that I wanted to make a special page thanking you. 🙂 It is official now, oh yes it is. Thank you guys (girls). ❤

Plus, Jennifer Lawrence is super appropriate because I just yesterday watched The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. And like a first sequel, I LOVED IT.



The itty bitty preview for you who haven’t watched the second part of The Hunger Games trilogy. Btw, I WATCHED the movie and still got goosebumps looking at it. XD

6 thoughts on “A whole neeeeew page….

  1. I loved both the movies, I think they were done brilliantly!!! Can’t wait for the next one!
    The movie adaption was really well done so that readers of the books are not up in arms about the changes. There was only one part of the first movie I would have done differently and really it was only changing the way she said one word 🙂 But that is just being a picky fan because when I read the book that particular part affected me 🙂

    1. I didn’t read the books and I have the tendency to either read the book or wacth the movie, I think I choose not to be dissapointed XD

      What part of the movie are you talking about? I might just remember it… btw. J. Law was (is) awesome in portaying Katniss… Awesome! Her energy, emotions… all of it.

      1. She is PERFECT for Katniss, completely embodies all the raw emotions in the books!
        In the first movie just after Rue dies they announce that 2 contenders from the same district can win and she whispers “Peeta”, in the book she is just as broken up about Rue and these words are what penetrates her grief and she realises she couldn’t help Rue, but she can help Peeta and she just jumps up and screams his name. She then quickly realises that was a bad plan and runs away. But the emotion in that scream was basically all she was holding back in grief. I think it would have been very powerful on screen and I think Jennifer Lawrence could have brought that tiny part so much justice if they had have left it in. I think they were being more careful in the first movie – trying not to make it too dark.

      2. I remember that, not everything, but yes… Probably. Or sometimes there isn’t just enough time, or something that sounds awesome in the book, transformed into movie looses its charm. For me, the whisper is often stronger than a scream, but you are right, she would made it perfect. I was so engaged with my emotions through entire movie that in one point person watching with me said:Breathe. 😀

        I love the way she portrays her, the fear, the trauma and the fierce. Her fighting nature and instint to protect… The scene when they first come to the District 3 and the one when they make a picture of Ru when she needs to present her skill are so well put in the movie. Everything is in the details.

      3. They did that so well. I also thought the way they did the scene where Peeta touches the fence and his heart stops was perfect. The emotion in that was amazing and when you looked at Finnick’s face afterwards you could see that he was suddenly aware that their relationship and the feelings between them was not all show (in the book he discusses that with Katniss later, but you didn’t need it in the movie because the actor they got to play Finnick completely pulled that whole conversation off in one look!)

      4. Yeah! I am now confused… Does she love Peeta (of course), but more than a bro love? Or she loves the other guy, help me… 😀 Gail?

        She will have some serious deciding to do…

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