Clouds. The eternal inspiration.


I wanted to do this post for two months now (?)… I don’t know. For a while. It was in my mind because I wanted to share with you some more of my photography not strictly related or encouraged with Weekly Challenges and because of the person who inspired me (and who I promised to) to put my focus on the theme of clouds. 

I am always looking up. Not a surprise that I have been described as an idealist and a person who walks on clouds. Somewhat true, but wouldn’t it be amazing if one could actually walk on these beautiful, white, fluffy cotton-like shapes above us? If we could day-dream about being there, on top, bathed by sun when they are black and blocking sky view for days… If we could sneak in the middle of a storm and watch the lightnings beneath our feet?


Instead, growing up ruined our imagination by telling us that the clouds are just clusters of condesed water drops that float around, and like an air they disappear.

Sky, clouds, sun, moon and stars are my never-ending inspiration. Not two are the same; alike yes, but not the same. 

Who is the person that inspired this post? Ben from Flights. Camera. Satisfaction. was among my first connections here when I made my blog. To be exact, he was the fourth person I followed – I checked. He is an amazing photographer and muy simpatico persona and I am very happy he got to use this platform to show off his work. He was a person behind one of our WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge theme, that just tells you how innovative and well adapted in the blogosphere he is and has really something to show. So, Ben, I am happy we connected. 🙂

All the photos have been minimally touched in the editing process. On some, I just added my blog name.