And the 12 points go to……. | Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Intro

Did you think I would leave you without my favorites? Pffffffff…. 😉

The Eurovision Song Contest starts today (yaaaay) and today is the first semi-final night. I wasn’t to excited but I am always like that, I knew the adrenalin would hit me when I get to listen to the all entries. So I did. I listened to them this weekend, let say there are worthy competitors and of course, there are songs I just wished…I haven’t…heard.

I am happy we are not competing this year (Croatia) because the song “we” were sending were embarrassing the general population, the system of choosing was/is messed up and it is better this way. I can watch without being humiliated. XD

Of course, I bring to you my 10 favorite songs, enjoy! The are worthy of listening, although I don’t really know who is going to win. Last year the clear favorite was Denmark and the year before Sweden, but this year it is not like that… Who do you think is going to win, based on my Playlist of Crème de la Crème?

My feeling goes toward Sweden, but they won in 2012… So, maybe Greece?

Lets remember the last year winner. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “And the 12 points go to……. | Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Intro”

  1. I do like Sweden too but my heart lies with Latvia…however not everyone shares that and they may not qualify tonight. In which case I’ll be sad 😦

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