Eurovision 2014 Second Semi-Final




I can officially brag. Out of my 7 (SEVEN) favorites from first two nights you know how many have passed? Yap. Seven. 😀 Hahahahaha… Well, I can recognise a good song when I hear it, I’m glad the voters shared my opinion. I have even got more favorites from tonight and now I like 17 songs from 26 in the competition. I think that NEVER happened. Usually I like few, three or four, but this year – SEVENTEEN!

At least I probably won’t be dissapointed with winner. XD Except if Romania or Poland wins. Bleh.

I was a bit anxious of how will my favorites transfer the energy from their music videos to stage and 3/4 didn’t let me down. Who did? Cheesecake haha… Maaaan, that was some silly dancing and no effects – you can’t compete with no background and nothing, no special effects and no one on stage other than singers if you have a dance song! You just can’t… That is going to cost them in the final…

Others were amazing, Finland, Switzerland and Greece.

I have developed sympaties also for Norway, Malta, Slovenia and Austria. The transvestite man from Austria killed it. KILLED. IT. I was cheering for him to go into the finals, and he did. Really, I will have a serious problem in Saturday. I don’t know for who to cheer! 🙂

The performances from my favorites, and please try not to laugh at the performance of Belarus like I tried.

Final look at the qualified countries in Eurovision 2014 finale:



Don’t answer to your past, it has nothing new to say

Don't answer to your past, it has nothing new to say

I don’t agree with my title. I use my past as a learning experience. For what made me miserable, I know now not do go that way. What made me happy, I know to follow that sparkle. People who disappointed me haven’t closed my heart, because people who love me keep it open.

Daily Prompt asked:
We all have complicated histories. When was the last time your past experiences informed a major decision you’ve made?


It may not be major, but it is important to me. I wish many times that I don’t have to do this every day, or every other one, but my subconscious is persistent, it wants to get me out of my bad habits.