The WINNER of Eurovision 2014!!



I am so proud of Europe. 🙂

I am so happy that my top favorites – The Netherlands and Sweden are number 2 and number 3!!! Amazing! 😀

I will be listening to the beautiful tune of Calm after The Storm from The Netherlands probably a lot… They had that something… The melody, the chemistry, the background.. Nothing was too much, nothing was missing… But, I have to admit, Rise like a Phoenix is a winner song. It has won the votes of the least expected countries.

And I loved his speech when he received the award.. He said: “This is for all of you who believe in future and in peace and freedom. You will know who you are.”

It has been truly a week full of emotions and observing for me. Thank you for reading, and I am happy my poll did not show the true winner – although I was amazed with response, over 400 people voted! I leave you with the song and message that was sent tonight – despise of wars, poverty, conflicts, politics, corruption and economic crisis. Music united us.

Tolerance and love! ❤