The WINNER of Eurovision 2014!!



I am so proud of Europe. 🙂

I am so happy that my top favorites – The Netherlands and Sweden are number 2 and number 3!!! Amazing! 😀

I will be listening to the beautiful tune of Calm after The Storm from The Netherlands probably a lot… They had that something… The melody, the chemistry, the background.. Nothing was too much, nothing was missing… But, I have to admit, Rise like a Phoenix is a winner song. It has won the votes of the least expected countries.

And I loved his speech when he received the award.. He said: “This is for all of you who believe in future and in peace and freedom. You will know who you are.”

It has been truly a week full of emotions and observing for me. Thank you for reading, and I am happy my poll did not show the true winner – although I was amazed with response, over 400 people voted! I leave you with the song and message that was sent tonight – despise of wars, poverty, conflicts, politics, corruption and economic crisis. Music united us.

Tolerance and love! ❤


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2 thoughts on “The WINNER of Eurovision 2014!!”

  1. It’s a shame tolerance and love weren’t shown towards the Russian entry. Yes, Russia’s stance on many things is vile (their treatment of Ukraine and intolerance of gay rights the most obvious at the moment). But to boo a pair of 17-year-old twins on TV broadcast Europe-wide, who’d done nothing worse than sing a pop song in a massive arena and done so well enough to score some points? That’s hardly the spirit of the event. It’s a pity people turn entertainment into a political statement. And whilst people are held to their country’s major political agenda, regardless of their own stance or the relevance to the context, then there, sadly, will never be peace and freedom.
    It tainted a contest that overall was pretty good. And I’m someone who suffers at the thought of Eurovision. I wanted Sweden to win though.

    1. I don’t feel anything controversial about Eurovision “Boo-ing” the Russia. They didn’t boo them on stage, they didn’t boo their points, all people have been extremely supportive and Russia even went to final. Their were booo-ing and whisteling when they started to recieve points, and when someone would give the highest points to their neighbour – They also booo-ed when Belarus got the 12 points from someone around – I don’t quite remember which country. And that is great to me… To see that the fans and viewers are FINALLY reacting to the vote-for-your-neighbour system!! And for the Russia, I think those two girls knew perfectly well who is being booo-ed here. Not them.

      p.s. Such a bad taste of Russia to even participate in the first place. Also, they were trying to BAN the Eurovision broadcast in the Russia because of the trasvestite man in the competition, with even a petition signed. So, it is safe to say that Europe gave a higher level of support to Russian entry than the country that sent those girls. They didn’t give a damn. They didn’t even want to watch and support them. So, that is a real shame here.

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