Fighting bullies with talent! Suck on that!

Justine inspired me to do this. On her blog I saw this video of two boys in Britain’s Got Talent and they amazed me.

I just want to tell everyone, no matter the age, no matter the gender, race and sexual preference – STAND UP TO THE BULLY(S)! Fight back! You did nothing wrong, demand your right to live and be at peace, to be left in freedom so you can express yourself.

Don’t let bully get inside your head, even if they are really close, a family.

Don’t doubt yourself, don’t think you deserve to be treated anything less than EVERY HUMAN BEING on this planet.


Why am I telling you all that? Because I can’t count how many times I have been called ugly or a waste of space in my early teens, because things were done to me that are wrong and no person should endure that. It got me doubting myself (to this day), it got me sad, really sad, it got me indifferent about life, it got me believing that I am not less worthy, but worthless. I believed the bullies. You don’t!