Fighting bullies with talent! Suck on that!

Justine inspired me to do this. On her blog I saw this video of two boys in Britain’s Got Talent and they amazed me.

I just want to tell everyone, no matter the age, no matter the gender, race and sexual preference – STAND UP TO THE BULLY(S)! Fight back! You did nothing wrong, demand your right to live and be at peace, to be left in freedom so you can express yourself.

Don’t let bully get inside your head, even if they are really close, a family.

Don’t doubt yourself, don’t think you deserve to be treated anything less than EVERY HUMAN BEING on this planet.


Why am I telling you all that? Because I can’t count how many times I have been called ugly or a waste of space in my early teens, because things were done to me that are wrong and no person should endure that. It got me doubting myself (to this day), it got me sad, really sad, it got me indifferent about life, it got me believing that I am not less worthy, but worthless. I believed the bullies. You don’t!








Author: ivyon

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22 thoughts on “Fighting bullies with talent! Suck on that!”

    1. I have stopped sharing my blog on my social networks because I don’t know how, I ended up being soooo personal, so different from the idea I first started with 9 months ago… I hit that publish button with no doubt. (ok a little doubt in this post but shhh, no one needs to know)

  1. As someone who was absolutely bullied in school I completely understood that song. It was beautiful and inspired and an important message to be expressed through music. How bursting with pride were their Mum’s, so lovely!

    1. I’m sorry but that is why we can be proud, we rose up from the situations and people who tried (and maybe succeded for a while) to held us down. Sending a ❀ πŸ™‚

      I think that most of kids get bullied in school, but generations before it was not as cruel as it is now… I can only imagine in horror what my life would be like if we had Facebook or YouTube back then, it would be a potential disaster. Now we even have a term – bullying, and it needs to reduce significantly. Now I understand that kids that bully someone are a mess, their home situation is creating violence in them or they just are not aware of how their action affect the people they are targeting. It can be viscious, it can be extremely cruel and it can be devastating and that's what needs to change. Parents have to start taking this seriously.

      1. That is always the problem… The wrong people are trying, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t , but I think it can be pretty frustrating because that kind of behavior comes from home, and parents don’t want to admit that it is their sunshine child doing the problem. Likewise it’s with kindergarden kids, every parent expect 5 star devotion from teacher and the kid is often imposible to handle. I watched recently some tv show about confronting your bully and both families were there and… You should have seen the behaviour of the mother of the kid who did very wrong things to this girl, her mother was so emotional and wanted an apology and when cameras weren’t on the other family the other mum I think smiled or stick her toungue out to the victim mother. She reacted and then cameras showed it. Disaster… I don’t like putting this kind of spotlight, making a tv show about it but I think proper punishment for the bully would be good. When couple of bullies get real smack in the head by the school and for example a detention or suspence, then their parent would have to deal with it.

  2. Your so pretty ivy wow your so young too I thought you were older which shows maturity. I don’t know why you were bullied or treated badly and I’m sorry you were. Your brave for speaking up here now and nobody should be bullied …even bullies! Even if this video stops one bully it’s worth it xx

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚ If this inspire ONE person to gather their strenght and stand up for themselves – yes!

      Yeah, I look younger, I look less than 20 which is a good thing with years. πŸ˜‰ Maturity comes from my life experience and personality. πŸ™‚

  3. You are lovely, Ivy – pretty and talented and lively and kind; don’t let anyone tell you different! xxx

    1. Thank you darling! I know that now, even the part when someone opes up about it it’s a sign that they realise what is done to them is wrong….

      I am seeing the person I am in the mirror now, although it took a lot of time to people to convince me that I am not the uggliest thing.

      1. I am only going by your blurred personality. I’ll inspect your avatar with my electron-microscope. Okay. I agree “Just okay” it is then πŸ˜‰ (I’m in big trouble now πŸ˜‰ )

  4. And you are beautiful just beenas you are – & perfect for you. And the most beautiful curve on anyone is a smile :-). And your is truly beautiful, and I think it matches your soul. :-). Congratulations on having the strength not to listen (anymore).

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