I don’t want no advice!

I don't want no advice!

I am stubborn. I admit it.

When growing up and even now I find myself in conversations where older people or a close friend is trying to give a suggestion of what should I do, how should I feel or an advice for future me. Those are usually in good will, just sharing what they think it is (would be) right for me.


I really can’t help it! Although I am open for advices that I actually feel close to, I have an instant reflex of shutting down my walls and getting defensive about it. Then they tell me: “Why can’t you take a suggestion?” which makes me frown even more.

Don’t think I don’t listen to other people. Oh, I DO. I think others are always smarter than me, that others know what I should do and that others indeed, know how I should feel. I don’t do this consciously. That is why my instant reaction comes in. My body is trying to protect me by shutting down most of it.

So, the most powerful advices I have got were from the people I trust enough to open up too. And my stubbornness comes from the fact I need to see in my skin if something is or isn’t. You would have thought I’m an atheist. 😀

And here comes the best advice I remember often.

Both, situations and people are powerless without your reaction.

I don’t recall where I have read it or who said it, but it is so true.

Now, I think the best advice to give is love. Not love as for someone else, but love for yourself and universal love. Because when you’re in your situation and your skin, only you know what is best. And if you approach yourself with judgement you can make damage and further dislocate yourself from the solution. But if you do it with love, your inner you will tell you what feels right. 🙂


Author: ivyon

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24 thoughts on “I don’t want no advice!”

  1. So true! There’s a difference between an opinion and telling others how to live their lives. It helps if you change the topic to something random to divert them :p.

    “I think you should…”

    “This store is closing at the end of the month. I’m a bit upset about it!”

    “Wait, what?”

    1. Hahahahah AWESOME! I have to try it 😀

      Or just randomly get out of the room or stand up… There is a difference, I can feel it. But so often people push their point of view and not understanding under “my opinion”… :/

      1. I thought so when you mentioned it… Yeah, me too… So annoying, specially when you just have to grab on someting and just go… Did I hear that right? Or if it’s coming from a person who lets say, hasn’t clean in front of her/his house and is talking about your speck of dust 😉

        Some people are so noisy.

      2. I know, it’s annoying. My closest friends and family DO know to give me constructive criticism (they know I listen), and they know in the end, I’ll do what’s best for me (which is why I love them :p). But, those who aren’t as close think they can throw their opinions at me and get upset if I don’t do as they say. Are they voicing their opinion or ordering me around? I don’t get it sometimes…

      3. Yeah I get it. Trust me. My family is not like that because I seem opinionated and I am – but they often have no filters in giving “advices” so I warn them. Now they pay more attention, but still… I have to warn them sometimes. And a big one… Mother of my bf thinks she can talk to me as if I can change her son – and that one is really stressful to manage… O_o

      4. oh the mother-in-law. I think the whole world lives to tell each other how they should live their lives :p. I always say as long as you’re not hurting others or yourself, then you should do what makes you happy 😀

      5. I absolutely agree… Well, those are the things that do happen, but we take care of it like it should be, everyone just live their lives. But something does get slipped once and while from their mouth from what my stomach goes oh-oh 😀

    1. That is very nice to read 🙂

      It is true – I have tried it. Nope. Not affecting me at all if I don’t let it. But that can be hard…

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