Double the pudding – double the pleasure


I made this dessert up. I mean, I am sure that something like this already exist, but I didn’t look for anything, I had in my mind what was I gonna do and how. 🙂 And by the title, you can’t even tell that I am not in fact a marketing pro…

The only thing I adapted was the cookie crumbles on top, it was originally supposed to be chocolate decoration – sliced to make wavy shapes. I know… Awesome.

But in absence of milk or cooking chocolate I’ve remembered that I like to eat pudding with biscuits/cookies. And… voila! The idea was made in making. And – the dessert is gluten free!

The instructions are pretty simple, but I will do the recipe shortcut. Just because I can. And because I’m Fansy – song inserted. For Angie’s Fiesta Friday number 16!

Double pleasure - Chocolate & Vanilla Pudding

  • Servings: 5 (I had leftovers)
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print



Chocolate pudding – gluten free

Vanilla pudding – gluten free

1 Liter of milk (500 mL for each pudding)

Sugar – 2-3 spoons for every pudding mixture

Cookies – crumbled





Read the behind of the pudding mix bag. I usually put half a liter of milk aside and from that I take 6 spoons of milk into a bowl. The rest I put on a stove on light flame. In the bowl I add sugar (2-3 spoons) and content of the bag – he pudding powder. I stir the mixture by hand until the rest of the milk boils. I remove it from the stove before milk goes over and then put it back now adding the thick mixture from the bowl while stirring. I let it cook for a minute or two, mixing with spoon and then pour it in the prepared cups. It is very important that the inside of a cup, or glass, or a bowl, wherever you put the pudding in is wet, because otherwise the pudding will stick to the inside of it and it will be impossible to get out like I did in this recipe.

I made the pudding from vanilla first and pour it to the half of glasses. Then left them to cool in the fridge and half an hour later I repeated the thing with chocolate pudding. When that was done, I pour it to the top and left to cool down. After another half an hour I placed the pudding on plates with a help of a toothpick (go with a toothpick around the inner side to detach the pudding completely from the glass). I put the cookie crumbles on top and strawberries on that. Yumm!


47 thoughts on “Double the pudding – double the pleasure

  1. Are you from Alaska (from which Mosquito is the state bird)? Great idea to mix the two puddings for a simple dessert; kind of reminds me of an ice cream swirl (AKA, half and half) from Tastee Freeze, which I visited often while growing up (in Alaska). Thanks for joining the party.

    1. Hehe, thank you for welcoming me. Oh, no, I’m on the other side of the world almost.. I explained why mosquito in a few posts on my blog… I am allergic to them 🙂

      I am from Croatia, in Europe.

  2. This looks so good, Ivy. Didn’t know you were a cook. Really like how you put the photos of the pudding-making process. It helped me visualise what you were doing. How did the final product taste like? Sweet? Soft? Yummy? 😀

    1. I wasn’t hahahaha… Well ok, that is a lie, I know how to cook but cooking is something that is always been so boring to me and I tried to avoid it as much as I could… But, recently I disovered some awesome ways to prepare food (for e. the Paleo diet – not a diet just a way of eating) and a stumbled upon awesome food blogs which made me drool in front of my laptop… And I enjoy making food, salt or sweet with my boyfriend I really like to cook with him and for him and me (it is so different because usually when I cook I have to make meals for 4-5 people, and making them for him and me – I like that)
      So… I started experimenting and then Justine from Eclectic nods introduced me to Fiesta Fridays….. Do not look entries for FF on an emty stomach, that is a rule 😀 If you like it, go to my “Food” category to find all of my post related so far. 😉

      1. Hahaha! I am like you, cooking has always been boring to me too and it’s hard to find the energy to do it. Cooking with someone else sounds like a lot of fun. Sometimes the two of you might have a different way of cooking and start arguing when you are making a dish 😀

        It’s good that you like to cook for your boyfriend. I hope the dishes you created taste great and both of you like to eat 🙂

      2. Hahahaha, I will tell him to read this comment – he is trying to keep up with my blog but he’s more visual type XD He likes photos, columns are hard hahahaha 😀

        Yeah, there is no fighting when we cook, only messing with each other, what we do all the time. I hope so too, thank you ❤

      3. That is very kind of you to say 🙂 I hope so too, and he hopes do too 😀 You just never know what the life can bring, but we are hoping for the best. 🙂

    2. And I didn’t answer, they tasted creamy but not soft, more lika panna cota if you ever hade one… 🙂 And the combo with cookies and strawberries was great 😀

      1. No, I never had panna cotta…yes, I am very “behind” on my desserts, which is a shame because I love eating them! I love cookies+strawberries combo – milkshakes, cakes, tarts, ice-cream – especially when there is a dash of chocolate sauce somewhere.

      2. And you see, I have never tried tarts, I have heard of them, maybe tried something similar, but we don’t have the mixture here – or I just haven’t seen it. Try to make this, it is very easy 🙂

    1. Hehehe, thanks 🙂 I did too… You would NEVER guess, but the portions are actually small. Too small 😥

      Maybe next time I place it in a bowl and put it upside down and just make a cake out of it XD

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      1. The empty plates five seconds after have proven that 😀

        I mean… I spend so much time on it and then after ten minutes like I didn’t do anything… So – photos first haha

    1. Tell me about it… I seriously started thinking that I’m a masochist because when I enter the Fiesta Friday I get to see all the entries and my mouth are filling up as I type this.

      My mind is like: “Whyyyyyy, why you do this to me?”
      And I am drooling in front of my laptop…

      1. Yay! Mission accomplished, now I get my revenge muahahahaha 😉

        Do check out other entries, they have food and cooking methods and ingredients I have never heard off – EVERY TIME! Bunch of creative people challenging my creativity!

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