Where is my mind today? Crisis in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia

Slavonski Brod – Croatia



For the last few days, it has been raining and cloudy. in the capital – where I am it is mostly cloudy and windy for a week now, but no heavy rains. The rest of the country was not so lucky.

Heavy rain and wind have started to cause problems about three days ago and with rivers levels going up the floods have started to threat the whole area.

Unfortunately, the rainy weather didn’t stop and the rivers just kept rising.

The whole country Bosnia and Herzegovina is under emergency state, as is Serbia. The floods are severe, people are evacuated by helicopters and boats, the houses are coming down like they are made from paper and the rivers Sava and Dunav, Bosna and Drava are on the very high level. Help is sent from everywhere, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, even USA in every way – helicopters, medical assistance, rescue teams, food and water. Yesterday it become drastic and we are watching the news, reading the internet portals… There have been several deaths by the floods already and some people are reported missing. The water is taking everything in front of it, for 48 hours people captured on a roof of a factory were waiting to be saved because there was no way to get to them, only by air.

Today is the worst. The Sava is treating to flood. In Serbia it is announced that the storm named “Tamara” is coming. People are cut off and scared.


The floods have reached Croatia, the eastern part, people are building dams from sand bags. I have family in Slavonia, I have family in Bosnia and Serbia. Thankfully, they are all fine.

The dams have breached in some area today and people are being evacuated in military bases and schools. Damage so far is severe, both in human and financial terms.

Županja – Croatia

My mind is today with my neighbours and eastern par of Croatia. May this pass as soon as possible and make no more damage.

I wanted to write this. I live here, I wanted the world to know what is happening.

We are just at the internet all the time, tracking, asking and watching the news, communicating via Facebook to see what is happening.





Saving the animals ❤



Travnik – Bosnia and Herzegovina

We wait….

29 thoughts on “Where is my mind today? Crisis in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia

  1. Oh friend, I hope for safety for you all. I’m sorry to see and hear this—and you’re right about this not getting nearly enough coverage in the media..

    1. Yeah, I wanted to write. We all know when something happens in USA, but no one knows what is happening elswhere, exept the people affected and in the area.

      More than 10 000 people have been evacuated in Serbia, more than 4000 in Bosnia and some in Slavonia-part of Croatia. The damage is yesterday estimated in 1 million euros and more. What hurts me the most after people and their loss are the animals and the cattle left behind to die, and all the crops and fields ruined.

      1. I sympathize. Here, the bigger cities get the coverage. When Hurricane Katrina came through in 2005, New Orleans got most of the news spots, while small town Mississippi and Alabama, the coasts of which were hit very hard (buildings moved by storm surge, leveled parts of town, etc.) weren’t discussed as much, if at all.

        And yes—the people and the animals are the worst. Economic and property damage is significant, and it matters. But those things are secondary to the lives abandoned and lost in disasters. It’s disheartening.

      2. I imagine… That is true. How much something is portrayed in the media that many people know about it. I don’t have much, but I can use my blog to share informations, real ones, and tell anyone who comes here what is happening. I have made an update and I am watching the levels of rivers, my city is far from danger and that makes me calm. I see so much help, so many people want to help, risk their lives, are out there and that makes me feel better. They are saving people, animals, building the dams, making holes in the road so water goes away, evacuating, opening their homes to people who have no place to go, giving humanitarian help, collecting everything needed from food and medicine… Everyone who can is getting involved, everyone is helping how ever they can. Nothing divides us when something like this happens. No religion, no etnic background, we are human.

    1. Thank you, me too and everyone in the region. The problem is that the floods have destroyed so much and in the areas they have passed and the water is gone we can see the damage through the madia, it is unmeasurable.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear this, and you’re right about people not knowing. I’d never have known if not for this post. Do be safe, and I hope your family and friends are ok.

  3. kbeezyisviral

    What a shame. Stand tall and keep your head high. I would really appreciate it if you could check out my Facebook page:

  4. I wish you the best. I hope that you and yours stay safe. Thank you for posting and for keeping us updated.

    I wonder how this will change or help the fungi harvesting.

    1. Thank you, I am safe and my family, but my relatives are looking at the weather with fear. Hopefully, no more rain will fall in Bosnia that will help a lot… Many people went help building the dams in the eastern part, I have contacted with members of family to know that they are ok…

      I wanted to post because world mostly doesn’t know what happens in countries like mine, but the whole world knows when something happens in USA.

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