Update – Floods in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia

Update - Floods in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia
Source Dnevnik.hr

The dam build up to protect couldn’t take the pressure of river Sava anymore. More than 15 000 people are evacuated from yesterday. The damage is over 1 billion euros, the cattle had to be left behind, the crops and fields are ruined, the houses are nothing but dust. This is going to take a lot to recover from.

The danger is not over yet.

Humanitarian help is sent from everywhere, but mostly from Croatia. In every city we have places where people come to bring food, clothes, blankets, water, medicine, hygiene products, baby food…everything. People are waiting in lines for the buses they take them to affected areas, so they can help evacuate children and old people, help build the dams, just to help… Enormous compassion is at every corner and I hope that it makes some difference for the people who have lost everything.

Source: Tuzlanski.ba

I am not in the affected area, thank you for your concerns. I would not be home, let alone on internet if I was evacuated.


The damage is tragic, but what gets to me the most are the people who are evacuated from their now under water homes and the animals who had to be left behind to die.

Source: Index.hr
Source: Index.hr

There are lines open for people who want to help animals as well and volunteers go to flooded areas to save animals.

Source: Index.hr

The campaign for election in European Parliament have been canceled and the money goes to the people affected and to help the rescue teams. The leading humanitarian organisation here, Caritas is giving money also. Ordinary people are giving all they can give. There are many places in the country where the everything necessary is collected.

For the people abroad there is a number of the bank account on which they can help, but I have seen few numbers so I don’t want to give disinformation.

If you want to help, there is a way. I will try to find the number that is 100% true so you can donate.

I have found it for Croatia:

IBAN: HR 6923400091511555516 call on number 08
calling 060 90 11 (6,25 kn)
on-line donations on pages from Croatian Red Cross,http://www.hck.hr. When donating from out of country use SWIFT: PBZGHR2X

I have found it for BiH and Serbia:

BiH – IBAN: HR 6923400091511555516 call on number 05 SWIFT:PBZGHR2X  or IBAN CODE: BA391610000000850119 SWIFT CODE : RZBABA2S

Serbia – IBAN: HR 6923400091511555516 call on number 07 SWIFT:PBZGHR2X or EUR 01-504619-100193230-000000-0000, RSD 840-3546721-89


You don’t understand Croatian, but you do understand videos. I couldn’t share just the video so click on the page and then video.


19 thoughts on “Update – Floods in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia

  1. Ivy, sending heartfelt hugs to you and everyone connected/affected. The animals, oh my, the cat on the dog’s back got me as well as the cow. I am so grateful that you are affected. I send you positivity, hope and love. ♥

    1. That is ok, Lori… That is the reason I write about it, we all write about it and we are loud, because world needs to know when this kind of things are happening! We know when there is a shooting in one of the schools in USA (also tragic) but the world doesn’t know when half of one country is under water and affected by a natural disaster… So I can’t do much, I can donate very little, but I sure can write and share the informations!

      Don’t worry, talking about mushrooms when all I’ve seen all day are picture like this, videos like this everywhere, on tv, internet and Facebook – is a good break…

      1. Read “Where is my mind today?” for more informations… I just thought that I have to share a number for donations because that is something I CAN do, I see everyone donating and giving as much as they can, offering their homes to people… Volunteers go back to flooded areas and they are saving the animals that makes me really happy. Many of the food chains steped in, banks steped in, tele-operaters steped in, the highway toll fee is free…. Everyone is stepping in and that is great to see, I haven’t seen that….ever. The war was from 1991-1995 and Serbia and Croatia are well known “enemies”, people dislike each other and do not get along.

  2. I’m so glad to see people helping. That’s one beautiful thing about a crisis. And thank you for listing information on how to help. I’ve been wondering if there were efforts in progress, as I hadn’t seen anything. Best to you and yours, and hoping that all of this will end soon.

    1. Thank you, yes I was talking with my mum and we have nothing to give as we are struggling ourselves so I decided to share informations and help that way. I have found the ones that are most important for the people not living here – because they are the one reading my blog on English. Check out Red Cross page and Europe Humanitarian page for more info but I provided for money donations, since I have heard that the trucks with help like food and water have problems getting through borders. We are sending help literary from every town and people to help out, because the ones on site are exhausted from evacuation and helping. The animal organizations even collect food for animals and volunteers go to flooded areas to save them, a s many people don’t want to leave without their pets.

      1. I can understand the pet thing. I’d be devastated if I had to leave Tank behind. I can’t imagine it, really.

        I think it’s better ton contribute money in situations like this unless you can mange to be there to give on the ground support. Like you said, trucks and such have trouble getting through, and you also end up wasting money shipping products when those could be additional relief funds.

      2. I agree with you… Yeah, I am waiting for the news to see if they are going to evacuate Vinkovci, my godchild and her family lives there.

      3. Thank you ❤ This week they anounced the temperatures going over 25 C so that is awesome, and no more rain. ❤

        The whole country is on their feet, everyone halps however they can,

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