What do I hope for?

What do I hope for?

From: https://medium.com/@burek/61eb5cbbc5f1 Current situation visualised on the map of Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia. The danger of further floods is still present, and will be for another few days.

The term expectation doesn’t exist in my mind right now.

I can’t EXPECT. It does not work that way. I have no money right now and no possibility to work, but I can HOPE that that will change soon.

East of my country and half of neighbour countries are under water – literally, and I can HOPE that this crisis will end as soon as possible and evacuated 15 000+ people can go back. I HOPE that they have something to go back to.

My heart is big when I see how much are people helping, Really, every single person does what ever they can to help people affected, animals, cattle… With food, water, clothes…

What do I expect? I can’t expect. When I expect something – from me or from life, I get deeply frustrated. Because life doesn’t OWE me that. It is not something I have a right to. I don’t get to be spared from life.

I hope. And go slow. Slow and secure.

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20 thoughts on “What do I hope for?

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  2. I hope your crisis soon.
    I really liked the end, nice thing to say
    Bosnia I guess?

  3. Don’t ever give up hope… ❤

  4. i dont know what to say, all sounds terrible, but there will be light hopefully somewhere at the end of the tunnel so to speak i realy hope so xx

  5. Don’t stop believing! We will all pray with you! ♥

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  8. … and don’t forget to dream. And believe. And don’t stop. ❤

    • I slide like a pro… I need so much more practice but I’m getting a hang of this. 😉

  9. Beautifully written Ivy…

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