I will try not to be judgemental, I will try not to be judgemental, I will… What?




Most of you get why I would dislike hate this parade of money called THE wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just by reading my posts and SPECIALLY by reading my last few posts. The Daily Post wants from me today to “take something I dislike and say why it’s the best thing ever”.

So, why I dislike it? It is not important, it is not relevant, it is not tasteful. It is everything I dislike about today’s society – spending money from fake popularity on socially completely not important things by people who are “celebrities” by making crappy music and being a reality show star.

Bleeeeh. (vomit face)

The only thing I dislike more than this is the media who shoves them into my face.


(another vomit face)

So, lets pretend for a second that this fake wedding of a marriage that is probably going to last less than my deodorant and on which they will spend an amount of money large enough to place all of my family and relatives secure with decent lives is awesome.

I had no idea, so I turned to Jimmy Fallon. Hit it Jimmy.

p.s. I had to read something about it and they have scheduled two weddings, one in Versailles and one in Florence. My head is officially hurting now. I go rest.