Charging my low battery

Lately it’s been hard. It is difficult. It is so much negativity around. And it is hard to stay neutral. It gets to me. I got sad. I got scared. I got frustrated. I am human. I was (am) not feeling so good. Low energy.


And what do we do then? We get positivity!! We gather as much positivity as we can and hold on, hold on tightly until it is a bit easier. And then a bit easier. I don’t know about you but I NEED POSITIVITY! I need it… I search for it, I gather it, I create it, I think about it as much as I can, which is not easy when you’re feeling low. After I got my feelings out, of course, there is no point of stuffing myself when I’m full of something else, like I’m trying to put water in a bowl that is already full. I hold on to positive things and memories, I grab it and do not let go in my mind when by body can’t move, when my emotions are too high… I just breathe and bring the presence to me. I remember everything I want to do, I remember my passions…


No negativity for me thank you, I value myself too much for that. I have learned that other way drags me down like a rocket to the ground. I don’t like being dragged down. So, no negativity for me, thank you. I love myself and my life too much for me to lose my energy on stuff I can not control or affect.

And when in some kind of emotional/mental limbo, what to do?

Fucking dance!!

I want to share positivity with you guys and girls… I NEED IT and I think that maybe you need it. Either way…. Baila! (or not… it’s totally optional) 🙂


Author: ivyon

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