First Contact


I have always had a thing for animals, specially cats and dogs… When I see scared or neglected cat or dog I want to come to them, pet them, talk to them, feed them… 🙂

I wanted to be veterinarian when I was a kid… What put me off was the idea of watching sick animals all the time and not being able to save them all… I get that way, in a Superhero mode. And it is not possible. So I focus on ones I can do something about. This little scared kitty is taken in by my bf family but they can’t have her in the house because it is semi-wild. She is so scared… So we are trying to socialize her whenever I’m there. 🙂 You can see one of the attempts to make her stop being afraid of us.

This is a part of Weekly Photo Challenge: Split-Second Story

35 thoughts on “First Contact

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    1. It’s a retarded kitten because she meows and then will not come 😀

      I just realised that I answer on English if you comment on English… Well, let everybody understand us – lets speak Croatian! lol Ili inačica toga koju sigurna sam znaš :mrgreen:

      1. Come on, it’s not a retarded kitten…just a small, confused kitten 😀

        Let’s speak hrvatski…

        Jesi ju sterilizirala? 😀

        Evo, Prava Sapa progovara iz mene 😀

      2. A nisam završila poruku, htjela sam reć da je retardirana jer neda blizu, mjauče i mjauče al dođe i bris… Nema šanse, jednom sam uspjela uhvatila… Mama joj je tamo domaća pa ju tjera, misli da će dobit manje hrane…

        Baš. 😛 Oni bi sterilizirali sve miceke. Al slažem se da ih treba, da je moja nema uopće razmišljanja. E, al nije… A oni sumnjam da uopće imaju interesa za to, sreća šta su joj dopustili da ostane. To je ono, the more the merrier. -.-

      3. Hm….znaci nicija.

        Onda spada u kategoriju – uhvati-steriliziraj-vrati. Ili udomi. 😀

        Javi ako si za akciju. To mi je kao nekakav …posao… 😀

        A maci moze biti samo bolje. 😀

      4. Da, reci im da su svi troskovi placeni, dakle oni s time nemaju nista. a za macu moze samo biti dobro, jer ce uskoroi onaimati njih 6-7 noovih i kaj onda?

        Probaj. Tu sam. 😀

    1. I hope so too… Because I am not there I know they feed her and she sleeps there but she is not used to humans and runs around… I managed to catch her one time and we were calming her, her heart beating so fast… 🙂 I hope she will become calmer

    1. Thank you Ali, I always smile when I see you liking my post. 🙂 It was that second, and in the next one she was gone, three meters away from us…

    1. Thank you, it was really a split-second story because she moves so fast it is almost inpossible to cacth her on camera without anything being blurry… 🙂

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