I woke up… human.


I am not a morning person, nope. 🙂 I have been visiting Daily Prompt a lot lately because I want to write more often. Many things happening in my life and in my country had a negative impact on me and when fears and worry take over my mind there is no space for inspiration, creativity… I have noticed that in the last year. And  have been using the tools I have to express myself, if it is a suggestion on what to write about – ok then. 🙂

So, today the theme is “Being a Saint” of anything. My first thought was – NO. No, I don’t want to be a saint, because I have dealt and still dealing like many of us with so much expectations that it is so liberating just admitting to be human. Yes, I am human and I feel awesome about it.

But, if I would have to be a Saint of something (the thought is so strange for me every time I write it) I think I would be a Saint of self-love and acceptance, so people would not worship me and pray to me, but rather I would be the one to help them to turn to themselves and heal their troubles on their own. To love themselves. To accept themselves.


I have read about the concept of “What do I first notice when looking at the photos of me?” and I have to be honest here. My mind goes straight to the things that I consider flaws. By which standard? I don’t know… Just, this looks weird, that is too big, that just looking wrong…. And so on… But now I am aware of it. And my conscious mind comes to the rescue. No. I refuse to bring myself down. I look at everything I like, I remember how I felt when the photo was taken, I look at myself as a dear person, a person I love. I am still being objective, but not hurtful. I look how I pull my outfit great and how beautiful I am… Stupid thing, anyway, to scrutinize our photos by standards we didn’t sign up for.

This video is called: “At what age do girls stop mugging in front of a camera” and it speaks for itself. It is from upworthy.com, my source of lot of good stuff. 🙂