A fake gift prank turns out into the cutest thing :)

I just can’t…. This makes me giggle inside. 😀

Can I have this kid? 😀


Update: I think it is from a series from TV talk show host Jimmy Kimmel “I gave my kids a terrible present” to show their reactions when they get something like bunch of carrots as a gift. He has also “I ate all of your Halloween candy” prank and stuff like that. Look it up HERE.

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14 thoughts on “A fake gift prank turns out into the cutest thing :)

  1. God bless this kid… melts my heart how grateful he is ♥

  2. I used to love bananas, too, as a kid. So you wouldn’t insult me with this gift either at the tender age of 5-6. 🙂 This fella is uber-cute, though. Nothing more beautiful to see than a happy content child.

    • Hahahaha 😀 Yeah, but it was a point to give him something extra silly as a present… Jummy Kimel, the TV talk show host made a “thing” into giving your kids stuff like this as presents and filming their reaction… Like for Christmas…(you can search it on youtube) And you can see a LOT of dissapointed kids and a lot of extra spoiled ones… So this little fela is amazing. And his parents also for raising him. 🙂

      I updated the post so you can check out. 🙂

  3. This is awesome Ivy! I love it! He is so grateful for his banana!! Truly great!

    • Amazing right? 😀 Got me smiling every time… They wanted to show his dissapointed reaction but instead show the world what is a kind kid and good parenting 🙂
      I think it is from series of Jimmy Kimmel when he encourages parents to give stupid gifts like toilet paper as presents for eg. on Christmas, you can look it up.

    • Of course just to film their reaction… Then they get the real ones. 🙂
      I updated the post so you can check out. 🙂

  4. aww innocence at its best!

    • He is so grateful 😀 I love him 🙂
      Chck out my replies on other comments to get an idea why the parents are (maybe) doing this… 😉

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