Let’s get this thing UP!

I am addicted to music, as we all are… But as all things in life, when something hits us we forget about many things.

So, when I start to feel better I am becoming more and more myself. With a lot of soul-searching what all of you can witness here, I have to warn you – there is a side of me you haven’t met. I am a party girl. 😀

Or, I was one? But I know by the happiness stream through my veins when listening to club music, reminiscing on party days (years 😉 ) that the dancing Ivy is still here.

So, let me introduce myself. I am serious but I loooooove to get silly and dance like a maniac! 😀

I am bringing all of me into this blog and i can’t tell you how happy I am to feel some things again, same enthusiasm. I hope more and more… ❤

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