Shout out to all photographers!!


I want to change my background, or theme, or both. But background definitely… So I want to put YOUR work in the spotlight!


I want of you to send me as a link in comments anything that has to do with sea, ocean, beach and underwater life… From your posts or you can comment for e-mail exchange. Something wallpaper-like because of the size of the background. And if I choose your work not only that will be my background for everyone to see with your copyright on it, but I will also make a special page just for that including a link to your blog and websites if you have both.

So, if you’re up to.. let’s do this!


Some guidance: Think of the photo as a background for blog. Center of it is not important because it won’t be seen. Also I prefer colors of sand and light colors of sea, because if the background was too saturated and with bright colors it would distract readers from the purpose – content. I would love to have horizon matching top of the blog where the name is. 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Shout out to all photographers!!

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  3. Just curious, did you reach my blog by seeing a post in the reader, possibly under the Croatia category?

    • No, I have reached you because I follow you 😉 And I reached out to few more bloggers photographers whose work I really like 🙂

      • Did you link from a post in the “blogs I follow” section of the reader, an email, or do you have the site bookmarked? I am asking this because my stats are weird.

      • Hahaha, no problem. I went to the Reader and then Blogs I follow – edit, so I can have a list of people I follow and I know who are photographers and from there I clicked on your blog 🙂

      • That did not show up in my stats as a referral from the reader or any part of However, it shows up in my total hit count. I really don’t know what is going on.

      • Hmmmmm… I really do not know… :/

        I always have many “unknown terms” from search engines so I gave up on figuring it out… Maybe it’s a delay and it will show in a few hours…

      • Unknown terms for search engines is normal. Google encrypts the information so can’t read it.

    • I love it! The one thing that it is in the way is the shadow on the left. Can you maybe take another photo facing the horizon?

  4. It just depends on what you’re looking for. I have lots of shoreline sunset pictures. As well as underwater life pictures of marine life that Ive caught while doing research. Let me know what youre interested in and I can send you a few.

    • Awesome. I will update some hints for what I would like later in the day when I find the time, so come and check it out in the evening…

  5. I do a lot of photography. I also live near the beach 😀 What kind of background are you looking for?

    • Hehe I already answered on you other comment 😀 Tnx for your interest, I am looking forward to see your photos 🙂

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