Shout out to all photographers!!


I want to change my background, or theme, or both. But background definitely… So I want to put YOUR work in the spotlight!


I want of you to send me as a link in comments anything that has to do with sea, ocean, beach and underwater life… From your posts or you can comment for e-mail exchange. Something wallpaper-like because of the size of the background. And if I choose your work not only that will be my background for everyone to see with your copyright on it, but I will also make a special page just for that including a link to your blog and websites if you have both.

So, if you’re up to.. let’s do this!


Some guidance: Think of the photo as a background for blog. Center of it is not important because it won’t be seen. Also I prefer colors of sand and light colors of sea, because if the background was too saturated and with bright colors it would distract readers from the purpose – content. I would love to have horizon matching top of the blog where the name is. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Shout out to all photographers!!

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      1. Ron Scubadiver

        Did you link from a post in the “blogs I follow” section of the reader, an email, or do you have the site bookmarked? I am asking this because my stats are weird.

      2. Hahaha, no problem. I went to the Reader and then Blogs I follow – edit, so I can have a list of people I follow and I know who are photographers and from there I clicked on your blog 🙂

      3. Ron Scubadiver

        That did not show up in my stats as a referral from the reader or any part of However, it shows up in my total hit count. I really don’t know what is going on.

      4. Hmmmmm… I really do not know… :/

        I always have many “unknown terms” from search engines so I gave up on figuring it out… Maybe it’s a delay and it will show in a few hours…

      5. Ron Scubadiver

        Unknown terms for search engines is normal. Google encrypts the information so can’t read it.

  3. It just depends on what you’re looking for. I have lots of shoreline sunset pictures. As well as underwater life pictures of marine life that Ive caught while doing research. Let me know what youre interested in and I can send you a few.

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