Challenge? Join me!

I have been looking at the various songs challenges, like 30 days of this and that… And I didn’t like it. 😀

I want it my way.

So, I will do my kind of “challenge”. It’s simple… 30 days of “feel-good” songs.
We all have different music taste so this will be completely unique for anyone… I like house music, hip-hop, and soul, blues, rock… I do not limit myself, if I like what I hear I will admit it.

But, for me, the “feel – good” song has to have something that makes me wanna dance and smile when I listen to it. I will try to stay in the recent years, because if I go in the 90’s and 00’s I could post every hour. 😀

Since I haven’t post any songs for June 1 and 2, I will post three songs today.

Summer won’t come to me – I will come to summer (in my mind). 😉