Catch of the month | May

Ooooops. 😀

I forgot.


Well, I didn’t buy anything really worth mentioning… I did acquire something for my future DIY project (yaaay) and I remade a dress which is not quite over… It is all going to be featured here when it is done and when I find the time to photograph it, edit the photographs, create a post with which I am satisfied…. So, not so soon. 😀 Plus, I have a major thing I am working on and that will be up soon, so I need to focus on that.

Instead of “The catch” I’m gonna do an honest review. Yap.

I have a very thick and normal/oily hair which can be waterless and look all chapped if I don’t use creme from Nivea I found to work awesome for this problem, but always full on volume. Like, I can’t see my face – type of volume. And this winter my hair started to feel bleh, without volume and my scalp became veeery dry. And I got dandruff. I thought it was the dry air in winter, but it continued after… I am not the person who needs 6 types of shampoo, hair-conditioners and serum just to get on with my day, but I take care of my hair. Ok, I could admit not so much right now, but that is because I am in process of waiting for complete hair-over, stuff I do to my hair every once in a while. I have dyed my hair in every color that fits my skin tone and had every haircut from extra long, to pixie short. I have had my natural color for a while now and I want some change. 🙂 Anyway, back to the problem. Scalp. Pieces of skin were falling off, not just “normal” dandruff and I thought… “Oh-oh.” And went on a quest to find a solution. (I just went to the store and bought shampoo but this makes it sound more important.)

I bought this:


Honest review: It doesn’t smell to my preference but if it does the job I don’t care. When I first started using it I was ecstatic, dandruff 99% gone from first use! And volume back. But now, few weeks later, I feel like it is coming back. :/ I’ll see, i hope it stays like this because it really did help me. Price is also a plus, it was I think 24 kunas, that is… less than 5 dollars. I need stronger shampoo but not too strong, so choosing a new one is not easy for me. When I found the one that does everything I want him to do, I stick with it. For years.

Thank you for reading today about my dandruff problem, I know your day would not be complete without it. ❤