Horror movie called… The Waiting

I was never in an airport to go somewhere.

Ok, scratch that. I was once in an airport going on a plane – on my school trip in seventh grade (13 years old).

So, yap, I was in a plane. I rode that shit.

I even looked at the clouds and got a shitty meal.

Yes, that fancy.

Waiting is a horror story without the music. Maybe sometimes there is music. Like in a dentist office, to cover the sounds of the horror going on in the next room. But it can’t. it never can’t. You still hear the bzzzzzzz and BBBBBBBBBZZZ and all sorts of sounds you just don’t wanna experience at all. Dentists are not scary at all, but we’re all afraid of them. Screw clowns, they should make a crazy dentist costume for Halloween. Everyone would be scared.



Waiting always seems thousand years longer. The mental difference between the person waiting and the person who is late is huuuuuuuge. The person who is late experiences minutes. The person waiting experiences life-questioning scenarios. What am I doing with my life? Was this the right job for me? How long can I wait before I start feeling anxious? Ok, five seconds. Noted.

And it’s most of the time like that. That’s why we look like morons when we wait. You look normal… Walking. Passing people. Walking. Going on stairs. Looking at the watch. Coming to THE SPOT. Realising that you’re gonna have to wait. Puf! You turn into an awkward monkey. Looking over people, looking around, not knowing what to do with your hands. You try to find a place to sit and there is none. Never. So you stand awkwardly. Or lean against the wall only realising how dirty it must be minutes after. And you wear a white t-shirt. Of course you do. And you pull out your mobile phone. Duuh! Something to make you look less weird and in anticipation. Yeaaaaah…. The phoneeee… But there is no games that interest you at that moment. So, you text the person who you are waiting. “Where are you? I’m here.” And they reply, I’m there in five minutes. And you know that’s not true. It’s the same text you send people when you’re stuck in a public transportation behind a tractor. You know! But… In a desperate attempt, you believe that. You look at the clock and start counting minutes. You actually forget that there is life… No waiting life. It is just you and that clock in that moment. Finally time passes. Your impatience is starting to kick on your nervous system and now you’re trying to talk to someone to ease the pressure. Hell, you know very well what the time is, so you start telling people you hear are asking.. “25! Four and 25!” And they look at you with a weird thank you. You are now on the edge.


And still.

And still on the edge.

One thought before a second, angry message.

But, they arrive. And after the opening angry sentence and their apologies, you start walking and behaving like human again.

And the life continues.



This was stream of my thoughts. For the record, I have no idea what I would do in an airport if I had to wait. I would be to excited or nervous to sleep. I would probably make friends and chat about random stuff. I suppose that is not smart thing to do.

The “Feel-good” Songs Challenge – Day 10

Warning: Explicit lyrics

Fun fact: Listening to songs not on your mother language makes it 90% easier to listen to songs that would otherwise sound plain dumb. I do understand, and I can search the lyrics, but really… I don’t catch on what are they saying on the first hundred times of listening. 😀

I do fully understand this one though. It makes me go in my sassy mode and I am all like “Fuck yeah, that’s right!”
Plus, Ciara is my role-model in hip hop dancing. She is a ten.<3

“Now tell me do my ladies run this?”
Not even Hammer can touch this…”