The “Feel-good” Songs Challenge – Day 13 *World Cup pt. 2*

Still in the spirit of The World Cup in Brasil I spent most of yesterday blasting this song from YouTube…

Yeah, we lost yesterday… 3:1
But I thought it would be 3:0, so we surprised. XD

I really don’t follow football (Yes, football America 😛 ) like I used to, so I don’t think I am qualified to talk about our strategy, their strategy and so on… The one thing I can talk about is the unfairness of two of judge’s calls. Yes, I know, “blame the judge”. No. If we sucked, I would be like, hey, we suck, they won. We were almost equals yesterday. So, why the final result tells otherwise?

Let me explain it to you…
We started good and made the first goal which was the autogoal because Marcelo was in the way, but if he wasn’t it would still be a goal because our player was right in line of the ball so he would make the score. Brasil tied with 1:1 with nice action and we went to the break.
After the break, it was as if the judge was playing for Brasil, not judging. Some weird stuff started to happen. I won’t even start to talk about situations which are clearly for penalty, but ok, judges call.

First, the judge calls for penalty based on “jump into the air” of Hulk – player actual surname.

And the Neymar – player performing the penalty, performs it irregularly. It is forbidden to stop once you start toward the ball, he clearly stopped to see where the goalkeeper is going to go. That would be whistled by the any judge in any game. But, this was the great opening of World Cup and the Brasil is the host. You make the call.

Then, he invalidated our goal because of alleged violation of Ivica Olić who played with hand. Let’s see….

It was HEAD, not HAND. Aaaaaaaaa…. 😡

That demoralised our team. The real result is 2:2, as there was two regular goals from both side. To let you know this is not (just) my subjectivity, foreign media are very much in shock of last night judging, even Brasil media! BBC, Guardian, Brasil Globo, German Bild, Italian Gazzeta dello Sport, even Japanese experts (The judge was Japanese) reacted and stated that “the penalty was Nishimura’s gift to Brasil”.

Brasil Journal do sports writes that “this was controversial beginning of Word Cup”.

Well. I knew that we are going to lose, but the judges job is to make it fair play. That’s what makes me angry. He was not realistic, he was intimidated by Brasil and the huge football force they are. There is a word he might have to deal with consequences of his wrong decisions, but it is too late. The game is over.

It makes me laugh… I just read the title of article of I think English media… It says “Forget Neymar (the guy that scored two goals), Brasil’s new national hero is Yuichi Nisimura”.