The “Feel- good” Songs Challenge – Day 16

I am not a fan of special dates… Sure, I love like to celebrate certain dates in my life, but that often isn’t on that exact date, but when I plan it around the occasion.

I wished Happy Father’s day to my dad as we were sitting across one another, both in our own worlds and thoughts. He said, “Thanks.” Nothing more, nothing less. What matter more was the support he asked from me half an hour later and I agreed to help.

That is the point of everything to me. I wished Happy Mother’s Day to my mum in May, but it meant more when I asked her to jump to my rescue with something when I wasn’t feeling well one day. And she did.

I wished my boyfriend Happy anniversary and he did likewise. We snuggled and watch a movie. Few days ago I was very unhappy because I wanted to buy something for myself but I could not afford it at the moment. He said, I will buy it for you. I was sad that I couldn’t buy this for myself. He always listens to me. He said, you’ll pay me back. I know he will not take the money when I will try to sneak it into his wallet. I will tickle him and we will both laugh… 🙂

I am not a fan of dates.
The presence in my life of people who I love when I need them the most and mutual support is what I treasure. ❤

The song I put on today is so uplifting because it shows talent shows up everywhere and it is just so lively to me.


Author: ivyon

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