Just normal city traffic ;)

Just normal city traffic ;)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, extra

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18 thoughts on “Just normal city traffic ;)

  1. LOL! Koliko sam ga puta preticala na Branimirovoj… 😀

    • Hahahaha, fakat? Ja sam ga tu prvi put vidjela… Ne pamtim lica, a ni konje XD

      • Ajoj, pa na putu na posao, u lijevoj traci evo kocija…vec sam navikla 😀

      • Haha, nisam znala da je regularan… Znam da je bio lik s kočijom u Maksimiru al sad ga nema, pa kud se ovaj vozika?

      • Pojma nemam. I to u 7 ujutro…hahahhaha…ma ludilo od grada. 😀

        Obozavam to,ne znas sto te iduce ceka na cesti 😀

  2. Lovely! In the city I used to live there was a lot of horses in the middle of the traffic – it’s like a normal transportation. However, they use them to load work materials, so they are usually treated very badly. These ones in your picture look beautiful!

    • Thank you! Yes, they are sort of attraction here, so the people who have them and who use them for carriages usually take very good care of them… 🙂 It is sort of paying tribute to old times…

  3. wow…The chariot! 🙂
    It’s normally not found like this on the roads, here where I live.

    • They are not normally found here either… More in the rural area, but even there they are attraction. I love them 🙂

  4. That’s a very good one!

  5. hah thats fun!

  6. christinajavete

    Great photo! I think this is a great extra piece in a photo.

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