In between…

In between...

I didn’t have any clever title for this one. But I am not apologising. Nope. Hashtag Unapologetic.

I am kind of “Fuck it” today (and yesterday, and day before, and day before…) But today it’s really on. I have this annoying health/emotional thingies that irritate me mucho. in times like this inspiration is something important. Except it is not. Just fuck it. It is how it is. Motivation is on the other hand, mucho important. I don’t know whatssup with “mucho”, but I like it mucho. So, just put your fist or middle finger up to the world and say, Fuck you, you can’t crush Me! Suck it world.

Gotta go. Eat some pudding. Chocolate makes the world better.

Oh, right. In the photo, that’s the full moon in between city lights. 😉

3 thoughts on “In between…

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