I’m so Fansyyyyy :) | The Feel-good SC – Day 21

Yeahhhhh 😀

Felling better. My girl Iggy is something. You maybe heard her songs, but you haven’t heard her story fo’ sure. She wanted to succeeded in hip hop industry, but she was poor and living far away from what she saw as the place she can make her dreams come true, collecting money to go to US. When she was only 16 she took all her money and went to Florida to follow her dreams… She did a lot of crappy jobs to score a record deal, and when she did they told her to “dumb her lyrics down”. Luckily, she manage to get rid of them, but still, people who have the money to finance her records and videos tell her to “simplify her songs”. Bleh. :/

I can’t wait the time when she will be able to truly express herself with lyrics, considering that her role model is 2pac. Even now, she has managed to make it work, mixing “catchy” with real talk…

Plus, she makes amazing tribute to the movie Clueless from 1995 in this video. 🙂