Noćna ptica (A night bird) | TFGSC – Day 23

We have an expression for someone who likes the night better than day – Night bird, or Bird of the night. I am a night bird, definitely.

I love doing everything I can at night… Watching movies, series, surfing online, washing dishes, washing clothes, writing blog, contemplating about ideas for blog and in general… Everything. I go from “Oh no.” in the morning to more and more alive person as the evening approaches. 😀






This is THE perfect gif because I have included Bey in my Feel-good Songs Challenge for today.

I like her music sometimes more, sometimes less, but she is an incredible performer I will give that credit to her any day… Amazing! She was here in Croatia two times I think, but prices of tickets were spicyyyy. So, I think… She was here, she’ll be back. It would be nice to see her perform. Plus, I know probably 99% of her songs so singing along wouldn’t be any problem. 😉