Tell me quando, quando, quando… | TFGSC – Day 25

Ahhhhh… Michael Buble.

Double ahhhhhh… Laura Pausini. I just found out Nelly Furtado sings this. Well. Okidokey. 🙂 It still doesn’t change that:

Michael and Laura together – heaven for my ears. Proof is here; You Will Never Find

I am really looking forward a concert in November hihihihihi… Imagine if Laura Pausini comes! Weeee…

I am enjoying the holiday here and just chillaxin’…

“Tell me when you will be mine…”

6 thoughts on “Tell me quando, quando, quando… | TFGSC – Day 25

  1. gossipgirlnetherlands

    Hey, I love your blog ❤ Follow me back! Watch my blog, maybe we can promote our blogs on our blog? How long are you blogging btw?


    Gossip Girl

    1. Hi! Thank you! 🙂 I will check out your blog no worries, but I don’t promote on demand :/ We can absolutely do a guest blog or a collaboration in the future, that would be super nice 😀 I am blogging almost a year now 🙂

      1. gossipgirlnetherlands

        Hey, thanks! That would be nice, so that’s long and how much visitors do you have per month? xoxo

      2. Yeah, it seems to me that I’m blogging for soooooo loooong, I am amazed how much this litlle blog had an impact on my life and how awesome it is to share and connect with people 🙂
        Hmmm… That changes proportionally, more followers I have, more views I have. Visitors are different, some people will come to a blog just once and some will come over and over again browsing through old posts also. I love my readers ❤ 😀
        So, which of the two do you like to know?

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