You can’t hold me down! | TFGSC – Day 29

This master piece of music and video production HAD to be on my Feel-good Songs Challenge…


You know Macklemore? The guy who made the hit “Thrift Shop” and amazing song “Same Love” speaking about prejudices against homosexuality in hip hop (not common!).

Well, he and Ryan Lewis are also a genius mix. This video and song are the proof. Some say he is another Eminem, which is really racist thing to say, everyone will jump on their toes if someone made that remark about two singers/rappers just because of their skin color. :/ I love Eminem, of course, but they have very different styles and priorities.

I hope for both Macklemore and Ryan many, many more years of changing the world and what society thinks hip hop is… ❤


I put my hands up! Like the ceiling can’t hold me… 🙂

“Raise those hands this is our party!

We came here to live like nobody was watching…”