Unleashing my inner poet ;)

I have contributed for forgottenmeadows colaboration poem a while back and it was great fun… šŸ˜€ It is lovely and she makes a new theme every week.

Mine is the second one starting with “Trying to remember…”


Hi Everyone,

As we are having so much fun with collaborationsā€¦Here is the next oneā€¦This will also be open for one week, so till next Sunday. Please place your contribution in the comment section and I will add it as they come. As always I will put the contributorā€™s name in the same colour as their contribution at the end of the piece and in the same order. Hope everyone has fun with this one like they had with the last one! šŸ™‚ Ā Again if you wish to use it as a separate prompt you can do so as well, just add the link of this page. I will only take contributions added in the comment section. Thank you! šŸ™‚


I land on my forgotten dreams,

from the lost window of my mind,

as they drift away to far off places,

leaving no traces behindā€¦

Trying to remember what Iā€™veā€¦

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