Many faces…


Whaaat? I am gone for a week and WordPress changes the whole publish new post page?!?! :O I am in great shock!


It is only valid that I grace WP with my presence often, so it would not feel the need to change. (I still love you WP!)

And of course, to grace you with cat photos. – What else does one do when being away more than planned?


…Maybe there is one more thing… Yap. Many faces. Tired face – like now. Angry face – like maybe now if I don’t finish this fast. Sad face – if I woke up in the morning and still feel stomach ache. Happy face – if I wake up with no ache. Confused face – if I dream about having no ache but actually having one in reality. Surprised face – when I wake up from that dream. silly face – all the time. Sarcastic face – most of the time. Face – book.

I have a lot of faces as we can all see.. One is that I do in fact have a life (OMG) and I don’t get to post as much as I, in ideal world, would. But I wuv you still.

I’m talking to my blog, what are you looking at? 😉

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