Catch of The Month | June ?


I have ordered this two skirts way back, but they were delivered in June… I can call this “Getting ready for the summer”, even though it is raining outside and I am sitting here with long sleeves on.

Let’s just go with it…


Ok, I will do a little bit of reviewing this skirts, since you really don’t know whatcha buying until it gets here.
I am positively surprised with the short one with heart pattern, because I have won it on an auction and I think it was 5 dollars, something close. I had no idea (because it is not specified in the description) that the skirt has shorts under layer. You can imagine my face when I put it on for the first time haha… πŸ˜€

For the green one, I knew I wanted something green, on the scale to emerald shade and I got my eye on this one. Costed about 10 dollars – pretty much the most expensive thing I have bought on e-Bay in 4 years I am there. It is good, but I did a lot of calculating and decided that I will order n L size they had. I am an UK M or medium size, but having always been S or small it is hard for me to make that mental shift. I love my M, but Asian measures are extra small. The shirt fits me excellent, but I wanted something more loose… I think I will make some remakes. πŸ™‚


You can see my obsession with emerald shade of green this summer even on the nail-polish. I love it. It was about 2 dollars.

You can even see on Polyvore my current mind-set… Where is the purple hair? Coming soon… πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Catch of The Month | June ?

    1. I clicked on my notification and I was like… “Shetaaaaall!” πŸ™‚ Thanks dear, I am fine… Going slowly but surely and persistently towards my goals. πŸ˜‰
      How are you?? Are you enjoying summer?

      1. I am dying every second from humidity. The temperature is above 40 degrees and the power supply is short too. That is all about summers, as for me, I am happy. Recently published my second book and my fingers are crossed for the reviews☺

      2. For the first part: I am sooo sorry! I know how that feels like and I feel for you. Maybe I should send you some rain, here it was super hot but from the weekend came the cold front and temperatures are about 20 degrees, I am sitting here replying in a BLANKET around me! Insane…. I still wish for the sun to return soon.
        For the second part πŸ˜€ Congratz!! Girl, I am happy for you πŸ˜€ You should advertise it on your blog, put some page up so everyone can see and can check it out! I can read English of course, but poems I have problem with because there are so many unique words and sayings that author uses to fit in the artistic part that I get tired very soon… It is not language one would use when you ask someone for directions, if you get me? πŸ™‚

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