Should I stay or should I go?
Should I stay or should I go noooow, should I stay or should I go nooow (very fast)
If I go it would be troubleeeee
If I stay it will be doubleeee

Yes. A song in my jukebox head. ❤

I have no frigin' idea if I am stuck or i just have too many ideas? I don't know! I don't know!

I wanna watch a movie, but not really, i don't like the name of my blog but have been thinking of another for hours, I know I "have" to do a post about my first DIY items because it's in my "to-do" for a while… And to top it, tomorrow is important day.

Fuck fuck fuck.

I wanna be on computer, but I kinda don't.


Am I irritated by this? YES.

Am I hyperactive also? YES.

So, before Google diagnose me with something, I want to write about today’s Prompt. It’s about procrastination, how convenient. I think (?) I am procrastinating right now… Blogging about not blogging the stuff I wanted to blog about. Blog-ception. My happy simple world.

Ugrh…. So, what do I do when I procrastinate? Everything, but nothing. I have the stuff I am supossed to do near ( a book, script, computer) but I just end up opening it up and closing it again, doing some sort of activities which aren’t even activities like singing songs I just made up, or stretching a lot all over the bed. Or I go in full denial mode and just do the things like washing the dishes and then entire kitchen, contemplating about full make-over, taking all of my clothes from the closet because they need to be folded and divided properly (!) or just being nervous and telling myself I need to get done with it to stop feeling guilty.

I am a Doctor of my own universe.