First Anniversary!!! Whoa!


I give you my first post as I was suggested 😉 and when I found it I saw the  date. July 16. Hahahahaha, the joke is so on me… So, my anniversary is actually today… XD

Also, if you would like to browse through my post history, except for the Random Post Bob you have a Calendar in the sidebar with all my posts marked, you can get lost if you want or maybe check out what did I write before you followed me. 🙂

Loving Iva | Liberating My Creative Soul

So exciting! ❤

I can’t believe that it has been a year since I have opened my first “New Post” page and written an intro into something I knew then it would last. I had that feeling of “everything is ready”. 🙂

img_06z57 My mother called me Ivančica (Daisy) when I was a kid 🙂 It is strange that there is no translation for “Tratinčica” (my sister nickname), those are the same flower except daisy is bigger and has bigger flowers – like i was the older sister.

In past I had two blogs, but both were for the sole purpose of passing my exams on college and I have never thought of having a blog, let alone writing on English!

It just clicked together, I just knew I wanted to share and make, and just “go with the flow”… But something happened when I started blogging.

I discovered my love…

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THE MAD ONES | Boost of Inspiration :)


“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”   – Nietzsche



This video shows something important. Staying in the presence is one of the tools to live a happy life. It is truth, I know it by my experience, if I think about the past I get sad and if I think about the future I worry. Of course, that is not the rule. If I think about good stuff from past and lovely memories I will not get sad, and if I channel my energy towards good possible scenarios in the future and everything wonderful I want to do and see, I won’t worry. That’s why I said that not thinking about what was and what comes is ONE of the tools. Different thinking is another. 🙂

I love the energy of this song and very much the lyrics, particularly this line:

“We are alive…. And the stars make love to the universe”

I stopped the first time I heard them and said that I have never heard anything like that in a sentence. I love it. It gives sensual and alive meaning to chemical and mathematical area. 😉



p.s. I would like to thank Tina The Mess for two awards she has humbled me, I did not forget. They will be proudly displayed on my Awards page. ❤

On the note of Prompt my answer is NO. Not a chance… Nope. No thank you. A-a. Nouuuu. Ne. Nein. No way. Why would anyone take that? Now that’s a prompt.