THE MAD ONES | Boost of Inspiration :)


“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”   – Nietzsche



This video shows something important. Staying in the presence is one of the tools to live a happy life. It is truth, I know it by my experience, if I think about the past I get sad and if I think about the future I worry. Of course, that is not the rule. If I think about good stuff from past and lovely memories I will not get sad, and if I channel my energy towards good possible scenarios in the future and everything wonderful I want to do and see, I won’t worry. That’s why I said that not thinking about what was and what comes is ONE of the tools. Different thinking is another. 🙂

I love the energy of this song and very much the lyrics, particularly this line:

“We are alive…. And the stars make love to the universe”

I stopped the first time I heard them and said that I have never heard anything like that in a sentence. I love it. It gives sensual and alive meaning to chemical and mathematical area. 😉



p.s. I would like to thank Tina The Mess for two awards she has humbled me, I did not forget. They will be proudly displayed on my Awards page. ❤

On the note of Prompt my answer is NO. Not a chance… Nope. No thank you. A-a. Nouuuu. Ne. Nein. No way. Why would anyone take that? Now that’s a prompt.


5 thoughts on “THE MAD ONES | Boost of Inspiration :)

    1. Thank you for commenting, that kind of comments gives ME boost to continue doing what I do here 🙂
      Glad you liked it, it won me over with the quote – and reminded me of a story I heard… I will probably write it here, it is awesome.

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