Walking my own talk

There is a phrase in English; “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going”.

I have never fully understood this. Does this means when it gets harder in life then the change is possible? Or when it becomes hard, that is what matters? First one I kinda get, but second is just straight up bullshit. It is not valuable just because it is hard. I don’t know who taught us that! It is a lesson for us, and valuable experience for future, but hard is just hard.

I’m not feeling so good, but you know what, I am proud of my journey. The fact that I can look in the monitor now and write this, or even to care to write this – is enormous. And indicator that the things are really getting better… Yes!

I was between two photos I wanted to share with you, but this quote from Paulo Coelho just got me.

Relax and enjoy as much as you can. ❤


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7 thoughts on “Walking my own talk

  1. I always took it to mean, additionally to the traditional meaning, a challenge can fire people up. Meeting a challenge means shifting gears, changing your pace, your outlook. Challenge can motivate. That kind of thing 😉

    • Got it… So, instead of backing down when facing something big, just gather your strength and go for it? That kind of meaning? I like it. 🙂

      • I guess I’ve always read it as: When the going gets tough, the tough rise to the occasion 🙂

  2. Very few things of importance have ever been accomplished by those who quit when the going gets tough. W.C. Fields said, “I’d quit drinking, but I’m not a quitter” which doesn’t fall into the same category.

    • I agree… With the first part of course. The second one is a clever use of “making stuff to suit us” Or in Croatian, pushing water on your own mill 🙂

  3. It means, don’t quit, ever in US speak.

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