Lets spice this blog up ;)

If you don’t like this type of music… Well… Don’t listen 😉


It makes me feel ALIVE. I have a soul of a dancer and I am so sorry my parents forced me out of dancing school when I was young. I tried to go back but life is complicated now. Dance is simple. ❤

Poise in Silhouette fine art contemporary modern dance oil painting

Dance is like an universal language. I love and admire skillful dancers any kind, but the hip-hopers and subcategories get my heart beating fast and saying wooooow 🙂 Also, latino dancers. Old school rock’n’roll dances also. Funk it, every dancer that has that something and is killin’ it on the floor!

Now I got worked up to dance hahahahah… But I can’t. I somehow hurt toes on both of my legs so I am sitting, writing with my legs hanging from both sides. 😀 Chillaxin’…

Anyhowdlyly do, here is one also that I loved.


Hmmmm… I could post dancers that inspire me… Yap. Gonna do that. Saved the idea in brain. Done. Thank you for using memory. Exit.

Dancing – when I can, can save me from really bad mood and when I dance I feel every feeling is leaving and at the same time joy filling me… I used to dance for about hour or two every day in my room, but now not anymore… I am so looking forward to that!