Step away from the computer

I can’t go on my laptop or watch the TV because that makes my headache worse. So, what do I do? I write blog post on paper. Yes. You read it correctly. That’s the kind of dedicated blogger I am. Sorry. So hard not to laugh at the last sentence. 😀 I haven’t been regularly blogging for a while now. It just happens, you know? We plan and plan, but life happens. And there’s absolutely nothing we can do about that.

Croatian translates into: “I have planned everything, just have to wait for it to fall apart” Lol

Besides I dislike writing “just because I didn’t write”, or posting for that matter. It is unnatural to me and it doesn’t make me satisfied. The freedom I have from this platform through which I am reaching out to you, sharing and opening my world is priceless to me. That is how I feel about it. Others have their own ways and goals, I have this freedom, space, time… When I do how I want I feel honest, authentic. And the fact that you guys and girls like it just makes it more awesome! 🙂 Even if it means not posting two weeks when I could stay online and look at the screen and then grabbing a pen and writing my post in notebook. ❤

What to do when you can’t be online or watch TV? My first answer would be – go outside. Lets add more honesty into the current situation – that is not an option for today. At least not for the next few hours. So… what to do?

1. Sing

2. Before you start singing decide not to.

3. Dance with just your hands – it looks super funny.

4. Laugh at your dancing hands.

5. Talk to people.

6. Talk to yourself.

7. Look outside.

8. Establish that the weather is stupid this summer.

9. Miss your friends.

10. Notice that other people living with you don’t have the same problem and in this moment are watching something super interesting on YouTube.

11. Hand hurts from writing (I could write for hours in college few years ago).

12. Realize that college WAS few years ago.

13. Cry. Sing from heart. With the person who was watching stuff on YouTube.

14. Commit to singing.

15. Until someone stops you.

16. Start reading a book and develop real anger towards the main bad guy.

17. Contemplate about make-over.

18. For 2 seconds.

19. Try to make this list to the number 20.

20. Success.


Wow. This was a lot of work, I feel tired. Off to slipping/napping/trying to doze off for 15 minutes. I just realized that someone else will have to write this in WP. While I dictate. Like a boss. (Thank you. 🙂 )

Have fun awesome peeps.