A little bit of Croatian music part 2

I couldn’t leave you just with one post… 😉

I bring to you two duets. Classics. 

First one, Vesna Pisarović (who made I think just one or two albums) and Giuliano (Is it a surprise I had a HUUUUGE crush on him? 🙂 )

Second, Hari Rončević and legendary Doris Dragović… Ok, you listen, I’m going to sing this songs as loud as I can 😀


10 thoughts on “A little bit of Croatian music part 2

  1. obzervashunal

    This is great! I wish I spoke Croatian, but the feeling in the music and vocals makes it all right I don’t really have to.

    1. Thank you! Comments like this give me inspiration to share more of the music I used to listen to… And still do, when I’m listening to Croatian music. 🙂

      1. obzervashunal

        I feel fortunate to have ‘developed an ear’ for all kinds of music early on as a kid! I knew from the opening melody I was listening to something fantastic. I also think the video does a great job showing how much the artists enjoyed creating it. Those things are universal and speak to something in us deeper than language even!

      2. I think these artist would be delighted to read your comment… Most of them were never popular outside of region, and all of the songs I shared here are old… The band Parni Valjak doesn’t exist for almost ten years, and rest of it is also, probably ten or more years old. 🙂 But they are still something and everyone knows them and they can still get people here to dance and sing – because all know the words 🙂

        I will post more of Croatian music, the one I like, not modern. Modern Croatian music is not something I am proud of… :/

        Of course, if I find modern band or singers that are good, I will share. 🙂

      3. obzervashunal

        Excellent! I’d love to hear more. I can’t help but believe there is no expiration date on people around the world discovering their music! Promoting it is much easier these days so keep it up and thank you again!

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