Mosquitoes, Moon and Stars

If you didn’t know, my blog is called Ivy Mosquito because I am allergic to f**king mosquitoes…

Not life threatening, but lets just say that they can make me limp for few days if they bite me on my ankles.

I did this yesterday :D
I did this yesterday 😀

I have been enjoy outdoor life and nature in this last 5 days. It was lovely. ❤

Result: I am sitting here TRYING not to think about dozen mosquito bites I have all over my legs and hands. Effing stupid mosquitoes.

I didn’t bring the mosquito repellent because two days I was on my bike, foolishly thinking that “I’m too fast for them to bite me.” XD

Now I’m smarter when I look like I have been in a battle, and sitting super carefully because God forbid that I accidentally scratch somewhere…anywhere.

Ok, so my mission yesterday was to capture the Supermoon. It is called Supermoon because it is bigger from regular full moon and 30% brighter. The next one to come close to it will happen in September next year.


Normally, that kind of information would excite me. But, not these days.

The Perseid meteor shower is getting close to its peak on August 12 and 13, and we have a super big moon covering all of it. Most of it.

That’s not cool.

I will despite that fact, try to see some of them tonight and tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

Some info about Supermoon: AUGUST SUPERMOON

p.s. Today’s Google Doddle is awesome. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Mosquitoes, Moon and Stars

    1. I have it with me, but you know, nothing bad will happen. It will be better tomorrow. 🙂
      I am so thankful for my legs that were carrying me around these past days, I feel blessed. My cousin send the most beautiful video to me and I just watched it and it reflects on me ❤ When you have time, when you wish to watch it… you do. It really spoke to me, I already know so much from my life experience, I was just saying that to a dear friend blogger… I had to learn so much going through so many difficult situations in life, but now I have this path, this journey of my own on which I would not be in a million years if things weren't the way they were. 🙂

      1. Thank you so much for this lovely response! I have bookmarked the video — I see it’s a longer one, so I’ll look at it when I have the occasion, but of course, you roused my interest, so I’m sure to check it out 🙂

      2. Yeah it’s a documentary, the one she send and I shared is with Croatian subtitles, I saw there were subtitles on other languages too, so type in louise hay you can heal your life Czech subtitle, or better louise hay and the translation of the “you can…” on your language. 😀
        I wasn’t going to watch it either when I saw how long it was and frankly first 15 minutes I was so tempted to leave it and do something else, but then I got caught. I watched I think less than an hour and later the rest… It is so awesome, I woke up today feeling kinda unsatisfied and I started thinking about that, and some things that were said and I started thinking positively about things that bug me and hurt me and frustrate me the minute I woke up. I was thinking about that in another way and it didn’t pass 10 minutes and I was lying in bed with huge smile on my face next to the person I love and started to wake him up with kisses… Huge difference, could’t believe it. 😀 And he either, he checked out to see if I was having temperature hahahahaha

        When you leave for your awesome vacation?

      3. I think I can see what you mean. It’s incredibly hard to assume a positive and grateful attitude, at least for me it is, I was born sceptical. Maybe I’ll start with a more cheerful attitude on my holiday! My flight leaves in several hours and I’m still packing… 😮

      4. Hehehe, I know you won’t see this but have a wonderful time 🙂
        Isn’t that a shame? That most of us have to learn how to love and accept ourselves? Being hard on ourselves comes more naturally… So stupid and actually, costing us a LOT. I know what you mean, it sounds and feels fake, at least to me. But I did it with some things years ago, I was repeating it, then including emotion into it and I completely changed my view which saved me.

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