Secret Wish

Today’s Prompt is actually my secret wish, and no matter how much times I get big bouquet of flowers (usually roses, my favorite) I still love it and want more. The only thing better than that would be flowers in the bowl so they can grow not just blossom and die. Well that’s a buzz kill. :/

I really would like to receive them delivered, or they could magically appear while I was sleeping, or in a place i wouldn’t expect… I guess the wish is no secret now. 🙂 Also, the person I would like to get them from is no secret either. ❤

From my college graduation <3 Link:
From my college graduation ❤

Fresh Summer Tuna Salad ☺

Super easy to make, super easy for your stomach and super healthy for you.

That’s the right way to describe this meal. 🙂


I do this salad for lunch only during summer because it is somewhat cold (if the ingredients have been in refrigerator) and it takes me about 10 minutes to make. I love it, it’s perfect for hot summer days. full of vitamins and refreshing. 🙂

You don’t even need the recipe, but let me put it here for you just in case.

Ingredients for 1 person:

2 tomatoes

few (about three) bigger lettuce leaves

half of small tuna can

Chop up the tomatoes and lettuce after washing them and add half a can of chopped tuna. you can add oil from can, I don’t. I really like it fresh, I even don’t use salt. tuna is salty enough.

This is an entry to Angie’s Fiesta Friday. 🙂 Enjoy!

p.s. It is so strange to have two recipes for meals with tuna on my blog when I eat it so rarely. 😀