Fresh Summer Tuna Salad ☺

Super easy to make, super easy for your stomach and super healthy for you.

That’s the right way to describe this meal. 🙂


I do this salad for lunch only during summer because it is somewhat cold (if the ingredients have been in refrigerator) and it takes me about 10 minutes to make. I love it, it’s perfect for hot summer days. full of vitamins and refreshing. 🙂

You don’t even need the recipe, but let me put it here for you just in case.

Ingredients for 1 person:

2 tomatoes

few (about three) bigger lettuce leaves

half of small tuna can

Chop up the tomatoes and lettuce after washing them and add half a can of chopped tuna. you can add oil from can, I don’t. I really like it fresh, I even don’t use salt. tuna is salty enough.

This is an entry to Angie’s Fiesta Friday. 🙂 Enjoy!

p.s. It is so strange to have two recipes for meals with tuna on my blog when I eat it so rarely. 😀

Author: ivyon

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31 thoughts on “Fresh Summer Tuna Salad ☺”

  1. I love tuna salads in the summer and quite often add a medium/hard boiled egg and some crispy green beans too! Or even a can of three bean salad – so delicious. I find that tuna packed in brine is quite salty so great for pasta but tuna packed in olive oil is not salty and just delicious as long as you throughly squeeze out as much oil as possible! Thanks for sharing this with the Friday Fiesta crowd – have a lovely week!!

    1. I had to Google “brine”, I would not know because here we have tuna packed in oil by default. I guess I would have to search for it, I really can’t tell if we have that kind of packed tune. Yes you are right 🙂 I squeeze out most of the oil, so just a little bit get on the salad.
      Thank you for making me feel welcomed ❤ I hope so, have a great week too!

    1. Heheh well it’s true 🙂
      I often look beyond my regular meals and when I make something different I usually remember, hey that would be a good idea for my blog and for Fiesta Friday 😀

      I will try and make something “usual” for FF

      I’m gonna check out other entries later today or tomorrow, they always amaze me. I already saw your photo, I will go and read it, it looks like you didn’t bring food this time?

    1. Thank you, you guys(girls) always make me feel very welcomed 😀 I will wait for the link up to grow bigger a little more than EAT something and check out the recipes, because I always get hungry XD
      Have a lovely time yourself 🙂

  2. Tuna….yummy. Sometimes I get very sad when I open a can of tuna, taste the tuna and find that it tastes very salty. It’s not a healthy meal anymore 😦 I like it that you don’t put sauce on this salad – sometimes I find sauces overrated and I can’t taste the other ingredients in the dish.

    This looks like a very healthy recipe. Though if I make it I will remove the tomatoes as my stomach can handle acid foods like tomatoes. Maybe I will replace tomatoes with cucumbers 😀 Yum, yum.

    1. You certainly do that! It is really open for experimenting as tuna matches very well with all sorts of vegetables. 🙂 Don’t get sad, I want to see you (know your) smiling 🙂

      Try different types in the stores or ask someone which one is not salted. Or check the ingredients, it probably says…

      I really love to eat this salad during summer when I can fresh tomatoes from people who grow them. 😀 Tomatoes are my weak spot, I love love love them hehe ❤

      While you're at cucumbers, did you try mixing fresh cucumbers with yogurt of sour creme? It makes a delicious salad, i just had it yesterday for dinner with wieners in pastry. Yumm!

      1. I never actually thought that tuna matches well with vegies until you mentioned it. You’re right 🙂 Okay, I will try and experiment with tuna, try different cans I’ve never bought before and maybe I will hit the jackpot, the most tasty tuna ever 😀 Now I’m smiling!!!

        That is great you like tomatoes. I can’t eat them so if we go out and my dish has tomatoes, you can have them all XD I can’t eat yoghurt either, but I love sour cream! Love that with salads, as well as South West or chipotle sauce!

      2. Awesome, then try everything with sour cream 😀
        You won’t believe but tuna also matches well with tomatoes and yogurt, two things you can’t eat :/ But I think sour cram can replace yogurt and olives can replace tomatoes. Here is the recipe so check it out, maybe you get more ideas 😀 :

        I said somewhere, oh yeah on my p.s. in the post that is so funny I have two recipes here and I eat tuna so rarely… But I guess when I make something I don’t eat every day I want to share it here.
        Hahahaha, yeah totally do that, you can call it Tuna Operation! 😀 I’m happy you’re smiling, I am mostly smiling when I write comments if its a smiling topic. 😀

      1. Only one thing to tell you; YES!
        I love chatting and commenting! And when I don’t have time for posting let alone reading others, I have in my mind whos blog I want to catch up with from conversation we have here 😀

      2. That’s an awesome idea… I liked what Suzie did as I was trying to find more interesting people to follow 😀
        Nice to meet you! (shakes hands. high five. bro hug. peace.)

  3. One of the my favorite salads, Ivy! This is indeed super healthy and so light for the stomach. Thanks for bringing this healthy meal today. 🙂 Happy FF to you! ❤

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